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Mechanisms Available to Owners and Operators (Forms)

Owners or operators must maintain evidence of all financial assurance mechanisms used to demonstrate financial responsibility for aboveground and underground storage tanks until released from the requirements of C.F.R. Title 40, Part 280.113. An owner or operator must maintain such evidence at the storage tank site or the owner or operator's place of work. Records maintained off-site must be made available upon request of the implementing agency.

Recent rule changes require the use of DEP form parts for all new financial responsibility submittals. Mechanisms currently in force do not need to be replaced with the new form parts unless they are found deficient or require renewing, etc. Form 62-761.900(3) has changed. It used to be the “Certification of Financial Responsibility” form and now is a multi-part form that includes all available mechanisms plus the Certification. Selecting from the links below will lead you to the appropriate parts of the form.

Parts A - P of Form 62-761.900(3) are the mechanisms (insurance certificates, guarantees, etc.) and the Certification of Financial Responsibility that must be used. The responsible party should complete (or have their financial institution complete) and maintain only those Parts that are needed. Guidance can be found on the complete form [pages i and ii of Form 62 761.900(3)] and mechanism-specific guidance can be found on the Guidance documents linked below.

Transition to New Form Parts

  • Acceptable financial instruments obtained prior to January 11, 2017 will continue to be acceptable through the stated Period of Coverage.
  • Insurance certificates and endorsements using Form 62-761.900(3) Parts C and D:
  • The new Certification of Financial Responsibility form requires additional information [in line with 40CFR280.111(b)(11) requirements], so a Form 62-761.900(3) Part P needs to be completed by almost all owners and operators

Form 62-761.900(3) Parts A – P

This is the complete form, with table of contents, guidance and all mechanisms.

Links to the individual Parts with fillable fields are found below:

Certification of Financial Responsibility - Form 62-761.900(3) Part P

Insurance (Available to All)

Financial Test and Corporate Guarantee (Available to All)

Financial Test and Corporate Guarantee (for Government entities)

Any Government Local Government State Government

Letter of Credit (Available to All)

Performance Bond (Available to All)

Trust Fund and Standby Trust Fund (Available to All)

* Requires establishment of Standby Trust Fund Agreement

Remember, financial assurance documents must be maintained at the storage tank site or the owner or operator's place of work. These documents must be made available upon request of the Department or other implementing agency.

Provider Companies

  • List of known Insurance Providers for Storage Tank Owners And Operators (EPA 510-K-13-002).
    This EPA produced PDF booklet provides Storage Tank owners and operators with a list of insurance providers who may be able to help them comply with financial responsibility requirements by providing a suitable insurance mechanism. Although this publication is compiled for UST facility needs, it is useful for AST facilities as well.
  • Provider Companies
    This list of provider companies consists of companies providing financial assurance for Solid Waste facilities, and includes several companies offering standby trust fund agreements. It may be useful to Storage Tank owners or operators.

Contact Information

Tor.Bejnar@dep.state.fl.us (850) 245-8743 (South and Southwest Districts)
Edgar.Echevarria@dep.state.fl.us (850) 245-8793 Disponible para ayuda en español. (Northeast and Southeast Districts)
Susan.F.Eldredge@dep.state.fl.us (850) 245-8740 (Central and Northwest Districts)

If your district representative cannot be reached, feel free to contact any of the other team members.

DEP District Program Contact List for Storage Tanks

Last updated: October 11, 2017

Permitting and Compliance Assistance Program #850-245-8705 MS #4565


Division of Waste Management #850-245-8705 MS #4500
2600 Blair Stone Road, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2400

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