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Operator Training Background

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 was passed by Congress. This federal regulation establishes training requirements for operators of Underground Storage Tanks (USTs):

  • Class A – Person(s) having primary responsibility for on-site operation and maintenance of UST Systems (Owner or Operator of a UST facility)
  • Class B – Persons having daily on-site operation and maintenance of UST Systems
  • Class C – Daily on-site employees having primary responsibility for addressing emergencies presented by a spill or release from an UST System

When do designated Class A/B and Class C operators need to be trained?

On July 15, 2015, the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency published a Final Rule establishing requirements for Operator Training at Underground Storage Tanks (UST) facilities. This final rule requires that all UST facilities must be in compliance with Operator Training requirements by October 13, 2018.

The department has updated Chapter 62-761, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.) to conform to the federal regulations. See Rule 62-761.350, and subsection 62-761.850(3), F.A.C.

What to do once you’ve completed the training

Print the certificate and keep it with the facility records for inspector verification.

Operator Training Provider Information

Operator Training Providers must be registered with the department in accordance with subsection 62-761.850(3), F.A.C.

Pursuant to subsection 62-761.350, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.), owners or operators shall, by October 13, 2018, identify and designate at least one named individual for each class of operator – Class A, Class B, and Class C for each in-service underground storage tank system facility. Class A and Class B operators must complete a department approved (registered) operator training course, and the Department will issue a certificate granting or denying the request for approval of all Class A or Class B operator training courses.

Providers of Operator Training requesting to be registered with the department shall submit, in writing or electronic format, documentation that demonstrates the training material meets the requirements contained in Chapter 62-761, F.A.C. Any approvals or denials received from other states or countries shall be included in the registration request to the department.

If your company would like to be added to the list of Third-party Training Courses as a registered provider of Operator Training for the State of Florida, please see Operator Training Provider Registration and submit the registration requirements via email to Tanknotify@dep.state.fl.us, or by mail to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, 2600 Blair Stone Road, MS 4560, Tallahassee, FL 32399, ATTN: William Burns, (850-245-8842).

**Please note that all providers of operator training courses or processes will also be required to provide training documentation by providing certificates of training to certified operators.

Third-party Training Courses

The following are examples of third-party online training courses which meet or exceed the Department's requirements for Operator Training and the cost is variable. This list is not intended to be exhaustive. The Department does not endorse any individual approved training program, and expects the A/B operator to determine what program best meets its needs. The Department is currently in the process of registering operator training providers.

  • American Safety Council
    Class A/B Operator Training
    Class C Operator Training
    5125 Adanson Street - Suite 500
    Orlando, Florida 32804
    Phone: (800) 732-4135
    Email: UST@americansafetycouncil.com

  • API (American Petroleum Institute)/Anteagroup
    Class A/B Operator Training
    Class C Operator Training
    Contact: (888) 951-3456
    Email: operatortraining.us@anteagroup.com
    For Technical Inquiries Email: APIWorkSafe@api.org
    Technical questions about registering for the training, or your sign-on and password, call our technical line at (202) 682-8469

  • Crompco, LLC
    1815 Gallagher Rd
    Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462
    Clayton Lindsay
    Phone: (800) 646-3161
    Email: vault@vaultmodules.com

  • ECS Eclipse
    Class A/B Operator Training
    Class C Operator Training
    588 Silver St
    Agawam, MA 01001
    Phone: (413) 789-3530
    Email: kturnberg@ecseclipse.com

  • EPA Alliance
    Class C Operator Training Online (bulk discount pricing available)
    EPA Alliance
    P.O. Box 920842
    Houston, TX 77292
    Phone: (713) 703-7016
    Fax: (832) 553-7598
    Email General Inquiries: info@epaalliance.com

  • First Choice Compliance
    235 West Roosevelt Avenue
    Suite 250
    P.O.Box 70246
    Albany, GA 31708-0246
    Phone: (888) 325-0117 x111
    Fax: (888) 430-4602

  • Florida Petroleum Marketers Association
    The Florida Petroleum Marketers Association (FPMA) offers a Florida Department of Environmental Protection Operator A/B and C Training and Certification Course for Owners and Operators of Underground Storage Tank Systems. Information concerning this training is available to FPMA members and non-members at FPMA UST Operator Training website. FPMA member discounts are available to FPMA member companies.
    Joanna Wolff
    Phone: (850) 877-5178
    Email: joanna@fpma.org
    FPMA UST Operator Training

  • GEOS Environmental, Inc.
    Class A/B Operator Training (online training)
    Class C Operator Training (online training)
    13014 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, No. 117
    Tampa, Florida 33618
    Contact: Clay Hellner (704) 219-2500

  • JD2 Environmental, Inc.
    A, B and C Operator Training
    800 E. Washington Street
    West Chester, PA 19380
    Contact: Tinamarie V. Smith
    Phone: (610) 430-8151
    Fax: (610) 430-8016

  • JMM Management Group, LLC
    Class C Operator Training
    Training Department
    2496 Technology Drive
    Elgin, IL 60124
    Contact: Ashley McIlwee
    Phone: (847) 888-0276
    Fax: (847) 888-0279
    Email: training@JMMmgt.com

  • Mott-Smith Consulting Group, LLC
    Class A, B and C Training
    111 North Calhoun Street
    Tallahassee, FL 32301
    Phone: (850) 391-9835
    Email: marshall@mott-smithconsulting.com

  • The National Institute for Storage Tank Management (NISTM)
    NISTM/Titan Management Group
    Class C Operator Training
    Phone: (800) 827-3515
    For Technical Inquiries Email: janelle@nistm.org

  • Petro Classroom
    Class A/B Operator Training Online
    Class C Operator Training Online
    Tank Management Services, Inc
    115 E. 7th Street
    P.O. Box 678
    Topeka, KS 66001
    Phone: (800) 530-5683
    Associated with:
    Williams & Company Consulting, Inc.
    9237 Ward Parkway, Suite 220
    Kansas City, MO 64114
    Phone: (877) 269-0194

  • Synergy Environmental Inc.
    Class A/B and C Training
    155 Railroad Plaza First Floor
    Royersford, PA 19468
    Phone: 484-369-5000
    Email: training@synergyenvinc.com

  • UST Training
    Class A/B Operator Training
    Class C Operator Training
    http://www.USTtraining.com Contact: Ben Thomas
    Email: Ben@USTtraining.com Phone: (866) 301-8265 or (360) 321-4776

For additional information: Contact Bill Burns at 850-245-8842 or Bill.Burns@floridadep.gov

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Last updated: August 25, 2017

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