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Guidance & Notes for Insurance Certificates

1. Standby Trust Fund Agreement:

2. First page of the certificate:

  • Required Actions: Check the box for each Required Action (Closing, Long-term Care and/or Corrective Action) covered by this certificate.
  • Insured (owner or operator) name must exactly match (including punctuation and abbreviations) the legal entity name as listed on the Florida Division of Corporations website (Sunbiz). Use the Sunbiz link to verify the Insured is a legal business entity with "Active" status, and that the name is entered exactly as listed. (The Insured name does not, however, need to be written in all capital letters.)
  • The FDEP I.D. number for solid waste facilities is the facility "WACS" number. Used oil facilities use an EPA I.D. number. For assistance, try the appropriate Facility List (under "Highlights" in the right-hand column of this web page) or contact FDEP using the contacts on the Forms web page.
  • Facility name must match name on the FDEP permit application.
  • The site address is the address of the physical location of the facility; this address cannot be a P.O. box.
  • "Facility Amount" – include specific facility amounts in “Facility Name and Site Address” section only when more than one facility is covered by this policy.
  • The "Policy Effective Date" should always be the date the original policy was issued to the insured. It does not change unless a new policy with a new policy number is issued.

3. Second page of the Certificate:

  • The Licensed Florida Insurance Agent must have an active appointment at the time the certificate is signed, and the typed (or printed) name must match the name as identified on the Florida Department of Financial Services website.
  • Embossed Seal of the Insurer is required.

Last updated: November 04, 2016

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