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Facilities that are Eligible for Registration

Facilities that handle the following materials may operate under an annual registration. Solid waste permits are not required, provided that facilities meet the design, operating, and product quality criteria:

  • Source‐separated vegetative materials (including vegetables, fruits, or breads from commercial and institutional generators)
  • Source‐separated animal by‐products (including meat, fats, dairy, or eggs from commercial and institutional generators but excluding butchers and abattoirs)
  • Manure
  • Yard trash

Click here to download an application to register a facility for composting vegetative wastes, animal byproducts or manure, or blended manure. You may renew a registration for a yard trash processing facility and submit annual report for those facilities that process only yard trash using the on-line registration portal. Click here to access the portal for electronic registration and submission.

Activities Exempt from Regulation

On‐site composting activities that meet the following limits are exempt unless they cause a nuisance or adversely affect public health or the environment:

  • Backyard composting
  • <100 cubic yards of materials in total on‐site at any time
  • Normal farming operation as defined below:
  • Facilities that are regulated under 62‐670 of the Florida Administrative Code for manure management as animal feeding operations
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Last updated: November 04, 2016

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