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Document Number Date Title or Description
SWM-01.7 09/26/02 Compost Testing and Quality Assurance Plans
SWM-01.8 09/15/03 Normal Farming Operations - Yard Trash/Manure Composting Operations
SWM-01.9 12/01/03 Chapter 62-709 (Compost Rule) - Fecal Coliform Testing


Document Number Date Title or Description
SWM-04.20 02/14/97 Permitting of Solid Waste Disposal Areas Associated with Industrial Facilities
SWM-04.22 11/10/99 Chapter 62-713 Florida Administrative Code
SWM-04.25 01/12/01 Applicability of the Prohibitions to Storage of Municipal Solid Waste in Transfer Trailers
SWM-04.27 08/09/01 The New Prohibitions Section in Chapter 62-701
SWM-04.28 09/13/01 Class III Waste
SWM-04.29 10/18/01 Permit Modifications
SWM-04.30 04/18/02 Alternate Procedures for Waste Processing Facilities
SWM-04.31 05/14/02 Solid Waste Permit Applicants
SWM-04.32 09/03/02 Disposal of Brown Goods
SWM-04.33 02/20/03 Storage of Waste at Transfer Stations
SWM-04.34 02/18/03 Side Slopes for Landfill Closures
SWM-04.35 05/13/03 Close-As-You-Go Landfill Closures
SWM-04.36 07/29/04 Notice Requirements for Solid Waste Permit Applications
SWM-04.37 11/14/95 Permit Renewals
SWM-04.38 07/24/08 Spotter Location
SWM-04.39 09/11/08 Class III Waste - Part 2
SWM-04.40 07/28/09 Design Considerations for Using Geosynthetics to Bridge Potential Sinkholes Under Landfills in Florida
SWM-04.41 09/27/11 Notice Requirements for Solid Waste Permit Applications
SWM-04.42 11/18/13 10-Year and 20-Year Solid Waste Permits
SWM-04.43 02/07/14 Processing Permit Fees When Sent to the Wrong Office
SWM-04.44 02/20/16 Changing Monitoring Parameters or Sampling Frequencies
SWM-04.45 02/20/16 LTC at Solid Waste Disposal Facilities
SWM-04.46 02/20/16 Used Oil Processor Permits with Solid Waste Conditions
SWM-04.47 02/20/16 Modifications to Operation Plans
SWM-04.48 02/20/16 Clarification of Waste Received for Waste Reporting

Yard Trash

Document Number Date Title or Description
SWM-05.4 04/25/01 Use of One-to-One Mixtures of Mulch and Soil as Cover
SWM-05.5 11/08/01 Agricultural Use of Yard Trash and Horse Manure
SWM-05.6 04/04/02 Management of Components of Yard Trash: Dirt, Ash and Mulch
SWM-05.7 10/28/13 Yard Trash Disposal in Class I Landfills

Financial Assurance

Document Number Date Title or Description
SWM-09.4 06/03/98 Cost Estimates for Closure of Materials Recovery Facilities
SWM-09.5 08/10/01 Annual Cost Estimate Due Date Change
SWM-09.6 05/14/00 Corporate Changes Not Requiring Permit Transfers
SWM-09.7 08/22/05 Escrow Accounts and Investments of Local Governments
SWM-09.8 08/14/08 Financial Assurance for Extending Long-Term Care

Ground Water

Document Number Date Title or Description
SWM-13.8 12/17/03 Modifications of Ground Water Monitoring Plans
SWM-13.9 01/31/06 Secondary Ground Water Standards at Solid Waste Facilities
SWM-13.10 12/03/12 Monitoring and Evaluation of Ammonia in Ground Water at Solid Waste Management Facilities
SWM-13.11 02/20/16 Secondary Ground Water Standards at Solid Waste Facilities


Document Number Date Title or Description
SWM-18.3 10/14/03 Manure Management at Animal Feeding Operations

Construction and Demolition Debris Disposal

Document Number Date Title or Description
SWM-19.14 09/13/01 Debris from Road Construction or Maintenance
SWM-19.16 04/04/02 Side Slopes at Construction and Demolition Debris Disposal Sites
SWM-19.17 05/28/09 Interim Drywall Disposal Guidance


Document Number Date Title or Description
SWM-21.21 06/25/92 Automobile Shredding Operations
SWM-21.32 08/17/99 Legal Authority to Regulate Street Sweepings
SWM-21.36 02/13/02 Management of Lead-Based Paint Debris
SWM-21.37 05/25/04 Hardieboard Debris
SWM-21.38 08/12/04 Testing for Arsenic in RSM
SWM-21.39 10/24/05 Street Sweepings and Permits
SWM-21.40 11/17/11 Rounding Analytical Data for Site Rehabilitation
SWM-21.41 02/20/16 Regulation of Contaminated Dredge Material-Legal Considerations
SWM-21.42 02/20/16 Regulation of Contaminated Dredge Material-Technical Considerations


Document Number Date Title or Description
SWM-22.2 10/05/04 ELRA Violations for Illegal Disposal of Yard Trash

Training Requirements

Document Number Date Title or Description
SWM-23.5 09/13/01 Operator and Spotter Training Requirements
SWM-23.6 11/27/01 Operator and Spotter Training Requirements, Part 2
SWM-23.7 08/12/04 Solid Waste Facility Training Plans
SWM-23.8 04/20/05 Operator Training Requirements for Those in Military Service

Guidance Documents

Date Title or Description
N/A Beneficial Uses of Wastes and Old Landfills
10/01/76 Solid Waste Management and Resource Recovery Technical Assistance Handbook
05/01/96 Yard Trash: Best Management Practices Manual for Florida
03/15/13 Guidance for Biofuels/Fat, Oil and Grease
05/21/14 Establishment, Operation, and Closure of Disaster Debris Management Sites

Alternate Initial Cover Material Guidance

Date Title or Description
12/10/81 'Sanifoam' approval, Dec 1981
08/28/84 'Quick soil' approval, Aug 1984
06/01/92 'Land-cover 480' approval, Jun 1992
09/08/94 'Concover and Concover 180' approval, Sep 1994
02/10/95 'Space Saver CSE-100' approval, Feb 1995
08/09/96 'Recovermat' approval, Aug 1996
12/15/98 'Topcoat' approval, Dec 1998

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