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Facilities that store, process, or dispose of solid waste must obtain a permit in accordance with Chapter 62-701, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.), unless an exception is noted in the rule. Individual facility permits are issued through either the DEP District Offices or the Tallahassee office, depending on the type of solid waste facility. Click here for details. Registrations for facilities exempt from permitting are issued through the Tallahassee office.

  • Search for an Issued Permit

    This link will help you search for a permit for a specific facility. Go to the second portion of the page, enter in the WACS ID or facility name, click "Facility Search", and on the result screen, click the "D" under Detail Links. This will provide a list that includes the permitting documents for that facility.

  • Search for a Permit Application

  • Permit & Registration Forms

  • Solid Waste Rules & Regulations

  • Financial Assurance

    Chapter 62-701.630, F.A.C. requires specific solid waste management facilities to demonstrate financial assurance for closing and/or long-term care as part of the permitting process.

  • How to Register a Source-Separated Organics Processing Facility (SOPF)

  • Waste Tires

    Chapter 62-711, F.A.C., applies to anyone who handles or processes waste tires and includes the specific requirements to obtain a permit or registration.

  • Permit Process for Storage & Disposal of Coal Combustion Residuals

  • Disaster Debris Management Site Authorizations

    Field authorizations for disaster debris management areas may be issued by the Department prior to or following a site inspection by Department personnel for these areas to be used for temporary storage and processing of disaster-generated debris. Field authorizations for disaster debris management areas may only be issued by the Department subsequent to an Executive Order by the Governor declaring a state of emergency or an Emergency Final Order by the Secretary of the Department authorizing disaster debris management/staging areas. Click the link above for a list of disaster debris management sites. Click here for Department guidance on the operation of these sites.

  • Guidance Documents

    These documents are intended for guidance only, generally helping with the application or interpretation of rule requirements. These documents are not considered a rule, and do not create any standards or criteria which must be followed by the regulated community.

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Last updated: September 26, 2013

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