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Yard Trash Processor Registration Renewal Transcript Corner of Tab Highlights

This video will show you how to complete a Yard Trash Processing Facility online registration. From DEP’s home page, click on DEP Business Portal.

Click Apply, then Operate. Click on Yard Trash Processing Facility. Type in your user name. Your user name is the email address entered when you registered to use the portal. Enter your password then click Sign In.

The yard trash Process Facility on-line portal only applies to either registration renewal or annual report submittal. Only Visa and Master Card are accepted as payment online.

The Help link is located on the right side of the screen in the blue header bar. You may click Help at the top at anytime during this process for additional information. To return to your current location in the application process click Authorization Process on the left side of the blue header bar.

As part of the Authorization Process Introduction step enter an application friendly name. The application friendly name chosen can only be used once. Save and Go to Next Step.

Read the online eligibility information carefully. If you meet the requirements, click I Accept. Save and Go to Next Step

In the qualifying questions step, only renewals and annual reports are accepted online at this time.

Choose Type of Facility, Type of Waste Processed and whether or not active with the DOS? Save and Go to Next Step.

Enter the facility ID, if known (94864). If not, click to look up the facility ID. Search and Continue.

Update the facility information, if necessary. Save and Go to Next Step.

If at any point you need to log out or are unable to complete the on-line process, the portal saves the information you entered.

When ready to resume the registration process, enter the DEP Business Portal.

Click Continue. Click the An Incomplete Self Service Authorization link. Sign in by entering your email address and password. This will take you to the Work in Progress Step. Click the link Yard Trash Processing Facility. You may complete any incomplete portions of your registration.

Update the registrant agent information, if necessary. Save and Go to Next Step.

Update the registrant mailing address, if necessary. Is the mailing address the same as the street mailing address where a document could be hand delivered? If yes Save and Go to Next Step.

If not then provide a street mailing address where a document could be hand delivered.

Update the site contact information, if necessary. Save and Go to Next Step.

Answer the additional qualifying questions.

Refer to Help link if necessary to answer Additional Qualifying Questions.

By clicking Yes that the facility has begun operations, you will go to the annual report screen.

You will also click Yes that the facility has begun operations, if the facility still had material onsite at the end of the previous report year, even if no additional material was received for the current report year.

Enter the required information. If accurate certify the information. The report must balance to proceed. Save and Go to Next Step.

On the signature page click Rules and Regulations. If you accept the rules and regulation and affirm that all information provided is true, accurate and correct, then click I Accept. Save and Go to Next Step.

Click Continue with Payment. Enter the required fields from the Visa or MasterCard. Click Pay Now. Enter the card number and other required information. Click Submit Payment. If all information is correct then click Yes. Once payment has been processed successfully, print a copy for your records, then Submit. The registration is not complete until clicking DONE.

An email will be sent to verify registration.

Last updated: November 04, 2016

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