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Source-Separated Organics Processing Facilities Database

Source-Separated Organics Processing Facilities (SOPF) refers to:

  • Yard trash transfer stations;
  • Yard trash recycling operations;
  • Manure blending operations; and
  • Composting operations that process:

If criteria specified in Rules 62-709.320, and .330 or .350, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.) are complied with, then a facility may qualify for registration instead of having to obtain a solid waste permit. You can go to the DWM Rules page to access a copy of Chapter 62-709, F.A.C.

The link below will generate a list of those facilities that are currently registered, or whose operation is included in a solid waste permit that was issued for another type of solid waste management activity, such as a Class I landfill.

Registered/Under Permit SOPF

The facility ID is also the Water Assurance Compliance System (WACS) ID for that facility. To view available information for a specific facility, click this link to Search for a Solid Waste Facility, then enter the WACS ID in Step 1 and click on Facility Search. The search results include links for information such as a GIS map of the facility and listing of documents in OCULUS that can be viewed, such as inspection reports and issued registrations.

Last updated: November 04, 2016

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