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The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) Site Investigation Section (SIS) conducts environmental assessments throughout the State of Florida. These assessments are used to determine the condition of Florida's fragile environment, especially the ground water resources. Ground water resources provide almost 90% of Florida's population with fresh, clean drinking water. Sites requiring assessment are prioritized and referred to SIS by the FDEP District Offices.

The results of SIS's environmental assessments are published in our technical report series. Since its inception in 1982, SIS has conducted or supervised environmental assessments at more than 500 sites. Sites assessed by SIS include military installations, dry cleaning facilities, municipal wellfields, landfills, printing facilities, electronic manufacturing facilities, automotive service stations and numerous other types of facilities. SIS also provides technical support and assistance to various law enforcement agencies to assist in the investigation of environmental crimes.

SIS's personnel are grouped into four distinct teams and administrative and support staff. The teams consist of scientists, licensed water well contractors and technicians while the administrative staff includes a draftsman, senior clerk, secretary specialist and a Professional Geologist Administrator. To support various assessment needs, SIS maintains and operates a Geoprobe Model 6600 direct push unit, a Geoprobe Model 5410 direct push unit, a Borehole Geophysical Logging Unit as well as various other types of support equipment.

Contact SIS

  • William Martin, Professional Geologist Administrator
    Florida Department of Environmental Protection
    Site Investigation Section
    2600 Blairstone Road, MS 4515
    Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2400
    Office: (850) 245-8947
    e-mail: William.Martin@dep.state.fl.us

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