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The role of the Permitting and Compliance Assistance Program is largely a regulatory one. The Program is responsible for setting regulatory standards for the management of solid and hazardous waste, issuing permits for certain hazardous waste facilities, ensuring counties meet mandated recycling goals, registering waste haulers and other regulatory or supervisory activities.

The Program also sponsors or is involved in a wide range of non-regulatory business assistance programs. These are offered to businesses (especially small businesses) to improve regulatory compliance and overall environmental protection, through technical, financial and other forms of assistance.

The Permitting and Compliance Assistance Program is responsible for promoting the recycling and proper management of used oil, household hazardous waste, mercury lamps and devices, batteries and small quantity generator hazardous waste; registration and certification of hazardous waste, used oil and mercury lamp and device transporters; and analyzing and planning for hazardous waste capacity assurance. Grants and technical assistance are also provided to local governments for the implementation of local hazardous waste collection centers and small quantity hazardous waste generator notification programs.

The Program manages the statewide Hazardous Waste program which includes interaction with USEPA, district offices and other department programs pertaining to Hazardous Waste compliance, enforcement and permitting. The Permitting and Compliance Assistance Program is also responsible for the implementation of the federally delegated Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) program which issues permits for hazardous waste treatment, storage, and disposal facilities. Technical assistance and training are provided to the district offices and the regulated community.

The state's solid waste program includes providing grants to local governments to help implement their solid waste and recycling programs. Technical assistance is provided to the district offices concerning the permitting, compliance and enforcement activities associated with solid waste facilities. The Permitting and Compliance Assistance Program provides a range of technical assistance to waste tire processors, transporters and others involved in waste tire management.

The Permitting and Compliance Assistance Program monitors and reports on the state-wide recycling and waste reduction programs, and provides technical assistance. It manages the recovered materials dealers certification program. The Program also operates the Recycling Business Assistance Center (RBAC) and administers the Recycling Markets Advisory Committee (via a Memorandum of Understanding with the Governor's Office of Tourism, Trade, and Economic Development). The Permitting and Compliance Assistance Program also administers the Small Business Recycling Development Loans in conjunction with Enterprise Florida.

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Last updated: November 04, 2016

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