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ADaPT Overview Transcript Corner of Tab Highlights

This video will demonstrate the new features of ADaPT Version 4.6. Click on Go to WACS/Validator Menu. Click ok to update the testsite inventory. This update should be done periodically.

If you look at the bottom block Field EDD and WACS Operations, you will notice that Solid Waste EDD has been replaced with Field EDD. This makes ADaPT more applicable to other programs within DEP.

At the top of the screen is a check box for No Field EDD. By checking the box, you will notice that the bottom block Field EDD and WACS Operations has some buttons grayed out. Data can still be processed thru ADaPT and create a regulatory comparison report.

In the Lab EDD Operations block click on Import Lab EDD. Navigate to the file. (29003_201004_swldd) If the Lab EDD was submitted with an Error Log, then the Error Check will not run automatically. Click on Error Report for an overview of errors with the data submitted. Close out, and look at the Error Log. This provides a detailed analysis of the data errors. This is also where the Lab can submit comments for errors. Error 0007 is a common error when the lab uses a PQL that is higher than what is in the Master Library. As long as the PQL is below any applicable standards then this error is acceptable.

If there are other errors review them. Now click Run Lab EDD Error Check, which will process the data against the Master Library. When completed click OK. Click on Error Report to get an overview of errors. Close out and click on Error Log. The detailed list appears. If the errors are the same as the Error Log submitted by the Lab, then we can proceed. When there are inconsistencies between the error logs, then the data will need to further reviewed, and possibly returned to the Lab for correction/comments.

In the Automated Data Review Operations Block, click Run Data Review. This looks at the QC of the data, and will provide a report if there are any outliers. Once complete, click OK to open the report menu. IF there are any outliers click on the report. This data has outliers for surrogates. The percent recovery is below criteria.

Look at the Sample Qualification Report with Reason Codes for all qualified data. This compares the lab assigned qualifiers against the ADaPT assigned qualifiers. When finished looking at the Data Review Reports, click Return to WACS/Validator Menu.

In the Field EDD and WACS Operations block, click on Regulatory Comparison Report, if there is no Field EDD. Select the samples and criteria to compare them against. Click Add. To compare different samples against different criteria complete the process again. For example if there are groundwater samples compared to the Groundwater CTLs 62-777 and surface water samples compared to the Surface Water Fresh CTLs 62-777. Click continue. There is an output option for PDF, which allows you to save or email the report. Let’s Preview the report.

Last updated: November 04, 2016

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