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Florida businesses dealing with over 600 tons per year of any recovered material (paper, glass, plastic, metals/aluminum, textiles, and/or non-tire rubber) are required by law to apply for annual certification and report their recovered materials. This requirement is stated in Florida Statute 403.7046 and detailed in Florida Administrative Code Rule 62-722.

Main objectives of this program are to record the amount of Florida's waste stream that is reused or recycled and properly credit each county for its recovered materials. To do this with accuracy, it is important for Recyclers to report all recovered materials in tons by county of origin.

If you own a recycling business, please review the instructions, application, reporting form, and the applicable laws above. If you are transferring materials to any existing Certified Dealers, you may be exempt from this requirement. To determine exemptions, review the listing of all current Certified Recovered Materials Dealers (PDF or Excel) to see if any handle your materials.

For more information about the recovered materials program, please contact Shannan Reynolds.

Last updated: June 30, 2015

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