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Year 4 Innovative Recycling Grant (FY 2000-2001) During the 2000 legislative session, Statutory changes were made to F.S. 403.7095(9) which contains the criteria for the selection of Innovative Recycling Grants. You may review the new language in HB 2147 Section 57.(9) (PDF) of the Appropriations budget.

The Year 4 Innovative Recycling Grants program is now seeking comments regarding Targeted projects, Criteria values and overall procedures. If you wish to comment immediately or if you have questions, please E-mail us.

Following is the Proposed Timeline for this grant cycle:

July 17 Update Memo from Ron Henricks providing explanation of statutory changes, Year 4 grants timeline and electronic conference protocol. THIS WILL BE THE ONLY HARDCOPY CORRESPONDENCE FROM THE DEP.
July 25- August 31 Electronic Conference to determine targeted projects and evaluation criteria values.
August 17 Revised Update Memo from Ron Henricks
September 5 Review Committee Meets to finalize targeted projects and criteria.
September 8 Request for Pre-Proposals (RFP) and explanatory update memo issued to Counties.
October 16 Clarification re: Local Support Criterion for 2000-2001 Innovative/Waste Reduction Grants
October 18 Pre-Proposals (3 page maximum length) due at the DEP no later than 5PM. Submit 12 hardcopies and one electronic Microsoft Word version.
November 14 Review Committee notifies counties selected for Full Proposal submission and Innovative Recycling/Waste Reduction Grants Update Memo.
Request for Full Proposals (RFP)
December 15 Memo regarding Contingency Fees from Ron Henricks

January 18 Full Proposals (10 page maximum length) due no later than 5PM. Submit 12 hardcopies and one electronic Microsoft Word version.
February 22 Review Committee makes selections pending any amendments desired which will be disclosed at this meeting.
February 26 Grantees Notified (memo). Grantees must check with their FL DEP District office and local level environmental permitting agencies on compliance issues regarding project work.
March 16 Scope of Service (SOS) and Environmental Certification Form due. SOS shall contain applicable amendments to the proposal along with final timeline (dates), deliverables (work), itemized costs of each deliverable (budget) and County contact details (Project Manager name, address, SunCom, phone, e-mail, and County FEID#).
April 20 Grant Agreements sent to Counties for signature execution.
May 29 Signed Grant agreement returned to DEP.
June 4 Project work begins.
Refer to the project's grant agreement for specific reporting periods and reimbursement requirements.

You may review previous Innovative Recycling Grants information through the Grants Page.

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