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Project Reports

DEP Memorandums

  • Year 2 Grant Criteria
  • March 19, 1999 Final Award Selections and Grantee Instructions from Ron Henricks. This memorandum states final grant awards, instructions for grantees, and the revised grants timeline.
  • November 24, 1998 Selections for Full Proposals, from Ron Henricks. This memo reports the ranking of pre-proposals & the projects selected to submit full proposals no later than January 20, 1999.
  • View 1998-99 Innovative Recycling Grant Pre-Proposals
  • August 6, 1998 Innovative Recycling Grants Update Memorandum from Ron Henricks. This memo discusses the following topics: changes to the Innovative Recycling Grants Statute, 1998-99 Innovative Recycling Grants process, proposed timeline/review process, proposed targeted materials, proposed criteria and scoring, and future mailings and information flow.
  • DEP Request for Pre-proposals and Proposals
  • 2001-Final Reports becoming available, click on the county name listed to the left.

Innovative Recycling Projects (Grants) 1998-99

Final Reports are available for counties whose name is underlined. Click for the PDF report:

  • ALACHUA #1: Composting Institutional Food Waste, Paper, Trash, and Municipal Biosolids AWARD: $190,000.
    Contact: Sally Palmi 352/374-5213
  • ALACHUA #2: Reuse & Recycling C&D Waste through Deconstruction
    AWARD: $98,527.38
    Contact: Sally Palmi 352/374-5213
  • *NEW RIVER SOLID WASTE AUTHORITY: Recycling of Recovered Gypsum Drywall by Land Application
    AWARD: $192,873.
    Contact: Darrell O'Neal 904/431-1000
  • *OKALOOSA #2: Innovative Drywall Composting
    AWARD: $100,000.
    Contact: Jim Reece 850/689-5774
  • PALM BEACH #1: Optical Sorting to Recover Mixed Cullet
    AWARD: $213,050.
    Contact: Patrick Carroll 561/615-4571
  • PALM BEACH #2: Florida Atlantic University Materials Recovery Program
    AWARD $86,950
    Contact: Colin Cassidy 561/434-2227 ext. 1
  • PINELLAS: Reclaiming Phosphate-Mined Lands with Recycled Yard Waste
    AWARD $139,314
    Contact: Rebecca Stone 813/464-7565
  • *PUTNAM & CITRUS: Innovative Drywall Recycling Program
    AWARD: $260,000.
    Contact Citrus: Frank Wentzel 352/746-5000
    Contact Putnam: Ken Whitehead 904/329-0395
  • SUMTER #1: Processing Mixed Cullet for Local Alternative Markets
    AWARD $179,000
    Contact: Gary Breeden 352/793-0240
  • SUMTER #2: Vermicomposting Institutional Food Waste & Paper
    AWARD: $49,600.
    Contact: Gary Breeden 352/793-0240

Use these links to view rankings, full proposals, and the environmental certification form.

Questions & Answers (PDF)

*These counties final project reports are all combined into one and are available on CD from DEP upon request. Click here to order.

1997-98 Grant Information

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