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Tips for Recycling and Reducing Workplace Waste

  1. Reuse file folders (reverse or re-label)
  2. Keep mailing lists current.
  3. Eliminate unnecessary reports.
  4. Make note/scratch pads from used paper.
  5. Proof documents on computer screen before printing.
  6. Select products with long warranties.
  7. Buy products that have recycled content.
  8. Buy products that have recyclable packaging.
  9. Rent equipment that is only used occasionally.
  10. Return toner cartridges for refilling/rebuilding.
  11. Practice preventive maintenance on all equipment.
  12. Buy products that have minimized packaging (bulk).
  13. Reuse envelopes or use inter-office envelopes.
  14. Use central files to reduce number of hard copies retained.
  15. Store documents on computer, instead of creating hard copies.
  16. Route or post memos instead of making multiple copies.
  17. Double-side (duplex) photocopies-to save paper, trees, and postage costs.
  18. When possible, use electronic mail (e-mail) for correspondence -- rather than sending paper or making expensive long distance phone calls.
  19. Share technical journals, magazines, newspapers and phone books, rather than receiving multiple subscriptions.
  20. Sell or give old furniture and equipment to other businesses, schools, community groups, charitable organizations, etc.
  21. Buying locally reduces protective packaging and costly transport.
  22. If it's recyclable, remember to put it in the RECYCLE BIN.

Office Paper Recycling Guide

Information and Options for Printer and Toner Cartridge Recycling

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Last updated: August 29, 2017

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