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ITN Work Assignment and Contractor Selection Process

ITN Solicitation #2014004C

The Department’s general process for assigning work, among the eligible agency term contractors under ITN Solicitation #2014004C, is described on the document that is provided below. This document provides a representation of the general work assignment process, as well as the current version of the Relative Capacity Index (RCI) algorithm. The RCI is intended to provide an unbiased mechanism for selecting from among those agency term contracts that would provide a good value to the state for the particular petroleum restoration work that is needed.

The work assignment process and RCI algorithm are provided below. This work assignment process and RCI algorithm may be updated from time to time by the Department.

New Version

Pursuant to paragraph 2.B of the Department of Environmental Protection’s (Department) agency term contract for petroleum contamination site response action services (Contract), the Department hereby provides notice to its Agency Term Contractors (ATC) of a revision to the Relative Capacity Index (RCI) assignment of work flowchart.

After continued input and discussion with our contractors, the Petroleum Restoration Program is pleased to make the following modifications to the Petroleum Restoration Program ATC Selection Process to be responsive to process refinements that have been suggested:

  • All site rehabilitation activities with calculated price schedule costs in excess of $195,000 will be procured by requesting price quotes (an eQuote) from all eligible Agency Term Contractors (ATCs) in the region where the site is located. Prior to this change, the Department was only requesting price quotes from a selected number of ATCs.
  • While eQuotes are being requested, the potential purchase order values will not be included in the EncBal term in the Relative Capacity Index algorithm. The pending purchase order amount will only be included in the RCI calculation once an ATC has been selected based on the eQuotes that were submitted, and has accepted the work. This step is being taken so that all eligible ATCs will have the opportunity to compete for those jobs without any increase in their calculated EncBal term. In addition, ATCs offering better value and competitive pricing will be afforded a greater opportunity to be offered a subsequent purchase order while the program is evaluating responses for any pending eQuote work assignments.
  • Purchase order values for pending eQuote work assignments will be released for all ATCs on the effective date of this modification of the RCI assignment of work flowchart.

This modification to the RCI assignment of work flowchart will be effective Jan. 2, 2015.

Previous Versions

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Last updated: December 19, 2014

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