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ITN Work Assignment and Contractor Selection Process

ITN Solicitation #2014004C

The Department’s general process for assigning work, among the eligible agency term contractors under ITN Solicitation #2014004C, is described on the document that is provided below. This document provides a representation of the general work assignment process, as well as the current version of the Relative Capacity Index (RCI) algorithm. The RCI is intended to provide an unbiased mechanism for selecting from among those agency term contracts that would provide a good value to the state for the particular petroleum restoration work that is needed.

The work assignment process and RCI algorithm are provided below. This work assignment process and RCI algorithm may be updated from time to time by the Department.

New Version

Pursuant to paragraph 2.B of the Department of Environmental Protection’s (Department) agency term contract for petroleum contamination site response action services (Contract), the Department hereby provides notice to its Agency Term Contractors (ATC) of a revision to the Relative Capacity Index (RCI) assignment of work flowchart.

The Department continues to receive input and implement additional refinements to our selection process that are designed to improve the overall performance of our petroleum restoration program. Based on continued input from our contractors, and our review of upcoming increased workloads to be managed, the Petroleum Restoration Program (PRP) is making the following refinements to the PRP Agency Term Contractor (ATC) Selection Process:

  • Incorporating the ability to directly assign natural attenuation monitoring (NAM) to an ATC, as the follow-up phase after Post Active Remedial Monitoring (PARM). This is contingent on acceptable prior performance at a site, where the site itself does not already have a phase of rehabilitation assigned under an agency term contract, or other s. 287.057, F.S., procurement.
  • Increasing the “eQuote” cost threshold for all site rehabilitation activities from $195,000 to $325,000. With this change, state-funded tasks will be procured by requesting price quotes (an eQuote) from all eligible ATCs when the calculated price schedule costs are in excess of the revised cost threshold of $325,000. Tasks with costs at or below this threshold will be initially assigned using the modified Relative Capacity Index (RCI) algorithm as discussed below, or may continue with direct assignment of the subsequent phase of site rehabilitation. The Department believes this change in the threshold will help promote increased consistency by reducing the times when contractors would have to change between subsequent jobs at a state funded petroleum restoration site. This increased consistency will also promote cost effectiveness with less down time for contractor transitions, and will improve customer service where a contractor becomes familiar and works well with a site owner’s property and any ongoing business activities.
  • Modifying the RCI algorithm to refine the selection process itself to promote efficiencies in the competitive procurement procedures for the petroleum restoration program. The adjustments to the RCI algorithm terms will continue the focus on ATCs offering better value to the state while also expanding the range of contractors that would be selected to provide greater access to those companies that are ready and available to do the work now. In response to requests from ATCs, and in anticipation of the program’s substantial expansion, therefore the need for additional contractor capacity, the algorithm introduces the Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) scores that were determined during the agency term contractor evaluations. Introducing this term will have the effect of increasing the range of companies that can be selected thus addressing the program’s capacity needs and also focuses on contractor-related performance.

This modification to the RCI assignment of work flowchart will be effective April 7, 2015.

Previous Versions

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Last updated: March 30, 2015

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