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Example of False Representation

People have reported getting letters from this company claiming to be representing DEP. Don’t be Misled! This company does not represent us and is currently not qualified to conduct state-funded preapproval work. If anyone wants to know the actual requirements and procedures for the LSSI and SCS programs, please review items on this web page or contact Chris Bayliss, P.G. at (850) 245-8866.
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Low-Scored Site Initiative Information (LSSI) Documents:

LSSI Clarification of 10 Site per Fiscal Year Limitation

The DEP is authorized pursuant to Section 376.3071(11)(b), FS to provide funding for the Low Score Site Initiative (LSSI). Funding is limited to 10 sites in each fiscal year for each responsible party or property owner. This does not preclude a site owner from participating in the LSSI for a site that has a responsible party which has already met its 10 site limit; nor does it preclude a responsibly party from participating in the LSSI for a site if the site owner has already met the 10 site limit.

If you have any questions or comments concerning LSSI, please contact Graham Witt at (850) 222-6446, ext. 260 or Felicia Mizener at (850) 245-8893.

Site Characterization Screening Document Links:

The Petroleum Restoration Program will be implementing Site Characterization Screening (SCS) for funded sites below our current funding score beginning in July 2012 and is available for public comment on the draft guidance documents. Click on the links below to view the draft Site Characterization Screening guidance document and the draft SCS Worksheet. Two other forms, the “Discharge-SA-RA Summary Form” and the “Potential Indicator Parameters for Imminent Threat Worksheet” will be posted in the near future. Please forward all comments, suggestions, and questions to Diane Pickett, P.G. at diane.pickett@dep.state.fl.us by COB Tuesday, May 15th.

Other Links

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Last updated: September 21, 2016

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