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This page includes courtesy lists and links. We urge vendors to regularly check the MyFloridaMarketPlace Vendor Bid System (MFMP-VBS) for Petroleum Restoration Program (PRP) solicitations at http://www.myflorida.com/apps/vbs/vbs_www.main_menu as well as check the status of MFMP eQuotes that you have responded to at https://sourcing.myfloridamarketplace.com/Sourcing/Main

Please note that PRP personnel are not permitted to answer questions associated with solicitations undergoing competitive bidding. Specifics on who is eligible to respond to VBS solicitation questions are contained within each individual solicitation. eQuote questions can be emailed to the eQuote messaging board for open solicitations. Please also note that eQuote and formal VBS bid responses must be complete and contain all appropriate attachments or they will not be considered responsive under terms of the solicitations.

For reference, the Florida Department of Management Services (FDMS) oversees the MFMP system. Vendors can email VendorHelp@MyFloridaMarketPlace.com for assistance with the Vendor Bid System. MFMP eQuote vendor training opportunities, hosted by FDMS, can be found at the webpage linked here.

Agency Term Contracts Contractor Selection Formula Documents

  • ATC Current Contract Rates Report (Posted 8/11/17) - This report lists the current contract rates for each Agency Term Contract by region or contractor.
  • ATC Pay Item Weight Factors (Posted 12/18/15)
  • ITN Performance Score (Posted 12/21/15)
  • Contractor Selection Formula Batch Calculation Report - This report provides a detail summary of the batch calculations for the contractor selection formula. The first number in a Batch Number represents the region (1 = Central, 2 = North and 3 = South). The second number in the Batch Number column represents which number run this was for the specified region.
  • Status of Assignments in Batch - This report provides a status of how many assignments are in a batch and how many have been assigned or declined.
  • ATC Contractor Selection Report - This report provides detailed information associated with Agency Term Contractor Selections for Petroleum Cleanup projects. Due to the large amount of information available in this report it is recommended that filters such as regions and date ranges be utilized. Please note that the following declines associated with original batches will not show due to the scopes being offered and accepted in a subsequent batch. SPI 5250 from batch 3-1 was declined by CID 1224; SPI 5561 for batch 3-1 was declined by CID 222; and SPI 5332 for batch 1-1 was declined by CID 1224.
  • Petroleum Restoration Program ATC Selection Process

Relative Capacity Index (RCI) Related Documents and Reports

ATC Alternate Email Address for Work Offers Request Form

Agency Term Contract Managers

Previous Versions

Streamlined Department Subcontractor Consent and Removal Process

Agency Term Contract Subcontractors

Previous Versions

Agency Term Contract

Contractor Damage to Petroleum Storage Systems and Utilities

Update (07/01/14): Contractor Response to June 11, 2014 RCI Public Workshop

Please find on the link below, the responses the Department received as a result of the RCI Public Workshop on June 11, 2014. These comments have been formatted for the report but none of the content has been altered.

The Petroleum Restoration Program has read all of the comments thoroughly and a summary of the comments, although not inclusive may be found below:

  • A number of contractors would like to leave the RCI formula as is for the remainder of the calendar year. They are of the opinion that more data needs to be collected and that we must make gradual changes rather than abandoning or completely rewriting the formula.
  • Common opinions on altering the formula included raising or eliminating the $3M bond cap; isolating the encumbrance balance based upon region or limiting it to a specified time frame; including a performance or technical capability variable; and increasing the weight of schedule rank on the RCI score.

Three of the contractors proposed completely new formulas: FGS, ARCADIS, and URS. Two of the formulas have introduced a new term that relates to performance. Please note that although the Department received these proposed formulas, we are looking at them for consideration only. Other refinements to the formula have been suggested and the Department will evaluate ALL responses.

There were also some additional requests such as, making the process more transparent and giving the contractors access to selection data. There were also requests to bring in outside consulting for further analysis and development of the current formula.

We thank everyone for their participation and feedback and want to ensure that you know we are evaluating all of the comments and taking everything into consideration. At this point, we also want to let you know that we are not making any commitment to any changes until we have time to run our own numbers and analyze them. Afterwards, the PRP will present any recommended changes to our leadership for a decision.

» RCI Meeting Responses

Update (06/11/14): Notice of Meeting/Workshop Hearing

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (Department), Petroleum Restoration Program (PRP) announces a public meeting to which all persons are invited.

DATE AND TIME: June 11, 2014, 1:30 p.m.

PLACE: The Douglas Building, 3900 Commonwealth Boulevard, Tallahassee, Florida 32399, in Conference Room A/B. To join the meeting via teleconference please call: 1-888-670-3525, participant code: 5635144315#.

GENERAL SUBJECT MATTER TO BE CONSIDERED: PRP will facilitate a discussion regarding potential refinements to the Relative Capacity Index (RCI) Algorithm.

NOTE: There will be no discussion on any subject other than RCI.

AGENDA: Relative Capacity Index (RCI) Algorithm Agenda (posted June 4, 2014)

HANDOUTS: Relative Capacity Index Preliminary Results and Comments (posted June 11, 2014)

Update (04/17/14): MFMP Registration and Purchase Order Guidance for Contractors

For MyFloridaMarketPlace (MFMP) vendor registration, please visit the MFMP Vendor Information portal. The MFMP Vendor Registration Customer Service is available at: 866-352-3776. For reference, please view the following PDF document:
How Do Vendors & Contractors Receive Their Purchase Orders

Update (03/28/14)

Below is a link to the current Schedule of Pay Items Workbook (SPI workbook) and the Request for Change Form. The SPI workbook has been updated to allow for cost share sites when appropriate and it now includes an invoice rate sheet and a subcontractor utilization form.

Update (03/07/14)

Agency Term Contractor list by Region through DEP Solicitation #2014004C

Update (03/04/14)

Negotiations with responding contractors under DEP Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) Solicitation # 2014004C has been successfully concluded. All the responding eligible ITN contractors have been selected and are now recommended for agency contracts as MyFloridaMarketPlace master agreements. As noted in the Petroleum Restoration Program (PRP) website announcement at the PRP ITN Work Assignment page, calculations of Relative Capacity Index (RCI) will be made to determine awards for site work through direct assignment.

Please note that PRP staff will contact RCI selected contractors regarding next steps as quickly as possible, which thereafter involves receiving scopes of work that proceed through the issuance of Purchase Orders in MyFloridaMarketPlace as required under Section 287.057 (22) Florida Statutes. Thereafter, the first task of securing affidavits must be completed before any site work can begin.

As of 8 am Tuesday March 4, 2014 the Department has 128 fully executed contracts and directly assigned 78 sites for a total of $1,947,914. Once all contracts are executed, the Department will initiate subsequent scope assignments thru the issuance of MFMP Purchase Orders for tasks up to $195,000 using the RCI formula. For work assignments greater than $195,000 the PRP will identify the top three or more eligible contractors based on the highest RCI scores and request quotes from them. Communication with awarded eligible contractors will initially be conducted through email with the PRP Contracts Group, c/o Martin Ehlen at prp.contracts@dep.state.fl.us.

Update (02/17/14)

  • Some contractors are proceeding to execute change orders without prior approval of site managers in contracted counties. A contractor that unilaterally decides to perform services outside of the scope of an approved work order without getting PRIOR approval from its client: the Petroleum Restoration Program (PRP), does it at its own financial risk. Every change order must have prior approval from the PRP. The PRP is tracking every approved change order since that element has a substantial bearing on the contractor’s encumbrance balance in the Relative Capacity Index algorithm.
  • Contractors that have let their worker compensation insurance policies lapse and perform rehabilitation work do so at their own financial risk. Until worker’s comp policy renewal proof is submitted, these are unqualified contractors and will not be assigned any work by the Department until proof of their insurance policy renewal is submitted to the PRP.

Update (01/31/14)

The Department’s general work assignment process under ITN Solicitation #2014004C and Relative Capacity Index (RCI) algorithm are provided at the link below.

Update (01/23/14): Next Steps In Procurement of Agency Term Contractors for the Petroleum Restoration Program (PRP)

  • The FDEP will contact vendors recommended for contract award (“Selected Vendors”) via email, directing Selected Vendors to provide the FDEP Procurement Section with their professionals’ fee schedule. The format for the fee schedule will be provided by FDEP.
  • FDEP will provide a copy of the revised contract, including a Relative Capacity Index (RCI) algorithm and work assignment process, to the Selected Vendors concurrent with the above email.
  • FDEP will contact Selected Vendors in tranches to schedule negotiations. Negotiations may be conducted in person or electronically (by phone and/or email).
  • Individual Agency Term Contract(s) (ATCs) successfully negotiated with Selected Vendors will be executed as approved. Direct assignments to contracted vendors will begin immediately following execution of a contract.
  • If FDEP is unable to negotiate a satisfactory contract with a Selected Vendor, negotiations will be terminated and no contract issued.
  • FDEP intends to finalize contract negotiations by 3/01/2014.
  • Tasks with costs estimated not to exceed $195,000 will be directly assigned by the PRP to an ATC vendor applying an RCI algorithm as described in the resulting contract.
  • Tasks with costs estimated to exceed $195,000 will be directly assigned after a request for quote process (eQuote process) has been completed. Invitations to participate in the eQuote process will be sent to the top 3 or more ATC vendors pursuant to an RCI algorithm as described in the resulting contracts.

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Last updated: August 11, 2017

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