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Information Regarding the Petroleum Cleanup Participation Program (PCPP)

The State of Florida created the PCPP for owners or operators to clean up property contaminated with petroleum or petroleum products from a petroleum storage system by providing rehabilitation funding assistance from the Inland Protection Trust Fund (IPTF). Please see Section 376.3071(13) Florida Statutes for all statutory requirements.

What is PCPP?

PCPP is a cost-sharing clean-up program providing rehabilitation funding assistance for property currently contaminated by discharges of petroleum or petroleum products from a petroleum storage system occurring before January 1, 1995. The Department scores and ranks PCPP eligible discharges based on human health and safety risks. When Department funds become available to clean up the PCPP eligible discharge based on that priority ranking the Department will notify the current real property owner in writing. The property owner, operator or person otherwise responsible for site rehabilitation (owner/RP) must then prepare and provide the Department a limited contamination assessment report (LCAR) sufficient to determine the extent of the contamination and cleanup. After the approval of a complete LCAR, the owner/RP must then enter into a PCPP site rehabilitation agreement with the Department and may recommend (but is not required) a Department agency term contractor to clean up the PCPP eligible discharge. The owner/RP must pay for the LCAR and the 25% copayment unless the owner/RP can demonstrate, with the submission of financial documents to the Department that they are financially unable to pay for the LCAR or copayment. If the 25% copayment is reduced or waived the owner/RP may not recommend a contractor.

Who May Participate?

The Department shall accept any discharge reporting form (DRF) received prior to January 1, 1995, as an application for this program, and the facility owner/RP need not reapply. The owner/RP may also apply by filing a written report of the contamination incident, including evidence that such incident occurred before January 1, 1995. The affidavit or the written report should be submitted to the Department as notification of intent to participate in PCPP. Owner/RP’s of property contaminated by petroleum or petroleum products from a petroleum storage system who are not already eligible under another IPTF program (Abandoned Tank Restoration Program (ATRP), Early Detection Incentive Program (EDI), Florida Petroleum Liability Restoration Insurance Program (FPLRIP), Innocent Victim Petroleum Storage System Restoration Program (IVPSSRP)), or have not already completed site cleanup may participate. Additionally, property owned by the federal government when the discharge occurred or identified by the U.S. EPA to be on, or qualify for listing on the National Priorities List under Superfund are not eligible to participate.


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Last updated: February 17, 2017

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