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How to Register:

Registration requirements have changed starting in 2009. Here's exactly what you have to do:

Fill out form 62-730.900(1)(b), “8700-12FL - Florida Notification of Regulated Waste Activity.” Directions for filling out the entire form are here. A Spanish translation of the instructions can be found here.

Please go here for help filling out the mercury handling portion of this form.

If you are a transporter or transfer facility: submit a completed checklist with your annual 8700-12FL form.

If you are a handler facility only: submit only the 8700-12FL form. No checklist is required.

Transporters, Transfer Facilities and For-Hire Handler Facilities must annually register with the Department.

Transporters: persons engaged in the off-site transportation of universal waste mercury-containing lamps or devices to a handler or universal waste mercury-containing lamp or device destination facility [62-737.200(33) and 400(3), F.A.C.],

Transfer Facilities: in-state transportation-related facilities including loading docks, parking areas, storage areas, and other similar areas, including those designated at lamp generator facilities during relamping activities, where shipments of universal waste lamps or devices are held during the normal course of transportation for more than 24 hours, but less than 10 days [62-737.200(32) and 400(3), F.A.C.],

For-Hire Handler Facilities: persons that receive universal waste lamps or devices from other handlers, accumulate and manage these lamps and devices, and ship them to a universal waste lamp or device destination facility [62-737.200(31) and 400(3), F.A.C.], and

A person or company may register as both a transporter and a handler facility on the same registration form. A for-hire handler facility storing 2,000 kilograms or more of lamps or 100 kilograms or more of devices will also be subject to the one-time $1000.00 registration fee, operational plan and closure plan (including financial assurance) requirements under paragraph 62-737.400(3)(a)3., F.A.C.


Registration period is from January 1 - March 1 annually. Facilities registering for the first time can submit a registration form anytime during the year.


There are several other requirements including packaging, training and recordkeeping for transporters of and handler facilities for lamps or devices destined for recycling which are found in Rule 62-737.400, F.A.C. These requirements are simple, flexible and make good business and environmental sense. These Rules can be downloaded at: http://www.dep.state.fl.us/waste/categories/mercury/pages/laws.htm. Check out these two fact sheets for a shortened version of the Rules:

Fact Sheet "Managing Spent Fluorescent and High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lamps" - En Español
Fact Sheet "Managing Discarded Mercury-Containing Devices (MCDs) in Florida" - En Español


The Department also requires that all transporters and transfer facilities complete the attached/enclosed Transporter Information Check List and return it along with the registration form. This information will be used to evaluate compliance with 62-737.400(1)(b), F.A.C. Out-of-state transporters need to submit verification from their state environmental agencies that the agency is aware of the transporter's lamp and/or device transport and handling activities. Out-of-state and in-state transporters need to provide the Department with the name of the recycling facility(ies) receiving the lamps and/or devices. Your transporter registration will not be issued until you complete and return the checklist. Handlers who are not engaging in transport activities need not complete this form.


If you have general questions about the 8700-12FL form, please contact Jennifer Simmons at 850-245-8706 or Jennifer.L.Simmons@dep.state.fl.us. You can also contact Julie Rainey at 850-245-8713 or at Julie.C.Rainey@dep.state.fl.us.

Last updated: November 04, 2016

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