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  1. "How to Dispose of Unwanted Medications - En Español" - Florida Department of Environmental Protection. This document provides guidance on how household consumers should dispose of their unwanted medications. This guidance is a public document and may be freely downloaded, printed and circulated. It is also available free as a one-third page in English and in Spanish; contact us to have some sent to you for distribution. Before using these instructions, check to see if there is a permanent collection site available through local law enforcement or a collection event planned.
  2. " Recommended Best Management Practices for the Disposal of Non-Controlled Medications from Consumer Collection Programs - En Español" - Florida Department of Environmental Protection. This disposal hierarchy is for solid waste managers that must dispose of medications collected from consumers.
  3. Emerging Substances of Concern (December 2008) is a Department report that summarizes the conclusions of an internal Department workgroup that was formed to evaluate strategies to effectively address a wide variety of potential emerging substances of concern.
  4. " Emerging Substances of Concern Fact Sheet - En Español" - Florida Department of Environmental Protection. This provides answers to some common questions about the occurrence, research and implications about emerging substances of concern being found in our water bodies.
  5. " Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care Products and Chemicals of Concern: A Briefing on an Emerging Issue" (Presentation) - Florida Department of Environmental Protection.
  6. " Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products In the Environment: A White Paper on Options for the Wastewater Treatment Community" - National Association of Cleans Water Agencies, November 2005.
  7. "Emerging Substances of Concern" (Presentation) - Florida Department of Environmental Protection, December 2006.
  8. " Detection of Selected Pharmaceutical Compounds and Determination of Their Fate in Modern Lined Landfills" (Presentation) - T. Townsend & S. Musson, University of Florida, 2006, background and overview of ongoing research.

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