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Florida Electronic Hazardous Waste Regulations - FLEHaz

Welcome to the Florida Electronic Hazardous Waste Regulations or FLEHaz. FLEHaz is the Federal Hazardous Waste Regulations - 40 CFR 124 and 40 CFR 260-279, as adopted by the State of Florida in Rule 62-730, F.A.C., effective 04-05-16, Rule 62-710, F.A.C., effective 04-23-13, Rule 62-731, F.A.C., effective 02-16-12, Rule 62-737, F.A.C., effective 02-16-12 and Rule 62-740, F.A.C., effective 02-16-12. All rule changes as reflected in 62-730, F.A.C. are incorporated into this document. It is designed to show what rules are in effect for Hazardous Wastes in the State of Florida.

Please be aware that this format of the Florida Hazardous Waste Rules is updated at a minimum of once per year, sometimes more frequently. Please check back often to make sure you have the most recent version.

This rule format is currently in 895 Word documents that are interactive. You must download the zip file to your hard drive. Be aware that as you click links within FLEHaz, many will open a new Word document. We are currently working towards a more user friendly interface for these rules. Please be patient.

Follow the instructions below to download FLEHaz.

These files are quite large and should be unzipped after downloading to your computer. Below are instructions on how to download the folders to your hard drive and how to unzip the downloaded folders.

To Download the Folder.

  1. Create a folder titled FLEHaz in My Documents, on your Desktop, or in any another place on your hard drive in which you work.
  2. Locate the FLEHazZip file at the bottom of this webpage and place your cursor over it.
  3. Right click on the FLEHazZip file. A window will pop up. Select "Save Target As."
  4. You will be given the option to save the folder to a specific location on your hard drive. Locate and select the FLEHaz folder that you just created, and save the zip file into this folder.
  5. Now the zip file is available directly from your hard drive in a folder titled FLEHaz. In the Download Complete box from step 4 select "Open Folder". Double click on the FLEHaz zip folder. There will now be a lot of Word documents inside the FLEHaz zip folder. You should now see an option to extract those zipped files to your hard drive. This extraction step MUST be completed for the FLEHaz links to work.
    • Newer Operating Systems should include a utility to extract files from the .zip file linked below, once saved to your hard drive:
  6. Select the FLEHaz1_Intro.doc file from the FLEHaz folder you just created to begin using FLEHaz. You need to unzip the files only once.

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Last updated: November 18, 2016

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