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Florida depends on groundwater for its drinking water supply, and on surface water for the outdoor recreation industry. High rainfall and acidic conditions, typical in Florida, cause lead to be more mobile in the environment. Therefore, proper management of outdoor shooting ranges is especially important in the Sunshine State.

The manual, available below, was designed to assist in developing Best Management Practices (BMPs) at outdoor shooting ranges. It was developed through a cooperative effort by members of the shooting range community and industry, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and the Florida DEP.

» View or Download the full manual of Best Management Practices for Environmental Stewardship of Florida Shooting Ranges (5.7mb PDF file)

Example Forms and Templates:

  • Self Inspection Checklist - (Word) or (PDF)
  • Template for an Environmental Stewardship Plan - (Word) or (PDF)
  • Record Keeping Forms - (Word) or (PDF)

Other Resources:

  • List of Internet Resources - (PDF)

The manual contains guidance for characterizing site conditions for outdoor shooting ranges, and for developing a stewardship plan for implementing management techniques that will help minimize the environmental impact of lead at a range.

Also included are appendices on a number of topics and resources that a shooting range manager might wish to explore.

Portions of the Best Management Practices for Outdoor Shooting Ranges detailed in the Florida DEP manual were taken from publications by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the National Association of Shooting Ranges.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Shooting Range Site

Interstate Technology Regulatory Council Small Arms Firing Range Documents

National Association of Shooting Ranges

Last updated: November 22, 2016

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