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In 1985 the Florida Legislature initiated the Hazardous Waste Collection Center Grant Program to encourage the establishment and operation of a statewide network of local hazardous waste collection centers. These facilities provide collections of non-regulated hazardous waste from households and as well as short-term storage of potentially hazardous waste generated by small businesses. Many of these household hazardous waste programs provide collection events at different locations for the convenience of the public. The public awareness component of these programs and collections not only helps citizens to better understand and manage their household hazardous waste, but may help them to learn to reduce the amount of hazardous products they use in their homes and small businesses.

Now that every county in the state has a household hazardous waste program of some sort, the grant program funds cooperative collections in smaller counties and unique or innovative household hazardous waste projects.

  • Hazardous Waste Collection Center Grant - Up to $100,000 per county for constructing one or more safe, secure, operational hazardous waste collection centers.
  • Cooperative Collection Center Arrangement Grant - Up to $35,000 per grant to reimburse 75% (with a $25,000 limit) of a smaller county's collection event. The host county, experienced in hazardous waste collections, is reimbursed up to $10,000 for assisting the neighboring county in holding its collection.

    Graph of Florida HHW Coop Collection Results 2010-2011 Graph of Florida HHW Coop Collection Results 2011-2012
    Cost $458,681 Unit Cost
    Counties 22 $20,849
    Population 813,939 $0.56
    Participants 4,202 $109.16
    Pounds 551,020 $0.83
    Cost $474,860 Unit Cost
    Counties 21 $22,612
    Population 792,783 $0.60
    Participants 4,207 $112.87
    Pounds 606,054 $0.78

    Graph of Florida HHW Coop Collection Results 2012-2013 Graph of Florida HHW Coop Collection Results 2013-2014
    Cost $432,266 Unit Cost
    Counties 20 $21,613
    Population 765,453 $0.56
    Participants 3,459 $124.97
    Pounds 501,269 $0.86
    Cost $452,004 Unit Cost
    Counties 21 $21,524
    Population 747,383 $0.60
    Participants 5,282 $85.57
    Pounds 559,870 $0.81

  • Unique or Innovative Project Grant - Up to $50,000 per grant with the county providing a 25% match. Funding is only available to counties that are operating permanent hazardous waste collection centers and is in addition to Hazardous Waste Collection Center and Cooperative Collection Center Arrangement Grants.
  • Grants to reimburse expenses associated with local hazardous waste management - Available to counties that have established operational permanent facilities under the Hazardous Waste Collection Center Grant but have received funding less than their $100,000 limit.

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Last updated: November 22, 2016

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