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The Full Cost Accounting Rule, 62-708, F.A.C. requires local governments to annually calculate the full cost of their solid waste management services. The calculations are to be available to the public upon request. As a result of the rule revision on February 16, 2012, local governments are no longer required to submit to the state their full cost accounting calculations and documentation of public disclosure.

Solid Waste Full Cost Accounting Rule

Chapter 62-708, F.A.C. - Full Cost Accounting for Solid Waste Management (Revised 02/16/12)

General Information

Full Cost Accounting Workshops -
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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and DEP teamed up to offer training on Full Cost Accounting to local governments. Eight training sessions were held in order to provide an opportunity for local governments to develop an in-depth understanding of FCA. Although we are not currently planning on holding any additional workshops, we have provided a copy of the overheads from the workshops, in order to assist you in implementing FCA.

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If you have questions, please contact Tony Partin at (850) 245-8737.

Download FCA Software!

Follow these instructions in order to download the self-extracting fca.exe file:

  1. Click on fca.exe
  2. Download the file to either your desktop or a folder on your C: drive (like C:\FCA\)
  3. Click "unzip" or double-click the FCA.EXE icon on your desktop or in your C:\FCA\ folder (like C:\FCA\fca.exe).
  4. The specified destination is C:\fca. If C:\fca does not exist, it will be created for you. If you would like to save the file somewhere else, please make those changes at this time.
  5. Be sure to close all open applications.
  6. Find the setup.exe file in the folder you created in step 2.
  7. Open (run, double-click) that file (like C:\FCA\setup.exe), and your computer will install the FL Waste program. Make any desired changes to the program folder, etc on the blue install program screens as they appear. It is suggested that you accept the default values to make the processes simpler.
  8. After it has been installed, click on The Start button, then All Programs, then Florida FCA, then FL Waste to run the Florida Full Cost accounting software program.

    The process is now complete!
Be sure to "refresh" your windows explorer if the fca folder does not appear in C:\ (or wherever you changed the destination)
You may have to re-boot your computer and/or complete steps 5-7 again if the program fails to start correctly.

Last updated: May 29, 2014

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