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Some computers and other electronic equipment can be reused by nonprofit organizations and other users. Although a number of organizations accept used computers and other electronics as donations, the donated computers must meet certain minimum standards. Don't assume that your computer can be donated: contact the organization first to see if they can accept what you have.

Here is a list of some opportunities for donating computers and electronic equipment for reuse. The list will change frequently and does not attempt to include all organizations that accept donations. We welcome additions to this list so contact us if you would like your organization listed here.

Donations of Electronics Products:

EIA's List of Organizations
The Electronics Industry Alliance (EIA), a national trade organization that includes the full spectrum of U.S. electronics product manufacturers, maintains a listing of organizations nationwide that accept donations of electronics products.

Donation Opportunities in Florida:

List of Florida Contacts
Solely as a service to the public and Florida businesses, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) maintains a list of Florida organizations that accept used (and new) electronic equipment donations. Many of these organizations have minimum requirements for the donated electronic equipment, i.e. they will only accept computer processors with Pentium capabilities. These organizations may do some repairs, upgrades, or demanufacturing of the equipment, but generally they are not full service electronics recyclers. If they receive unusable equipment they should send it to a recycler/demanufacturer or properly recycle as much of it as possible. The DEP, by providing this list, does not imply that the organizations are in compliance with applicable laws. Users of this list are responsible for ensuring that products, equipment, or services comply with the requirements of local, state, and federal law.

Earth 911's List of Organizations
Earth 911, a public and private partnership providing environmental information through a phone and internet system, lists many charitable organizations and training programs that accept electronic equipment for reuse.

Grants and Pilot Projects

Contacts for Reuse and Recycling

Last updated: November 04, 2016

Permitting and Compliance Assistance Program #850-245-8705 MS #4565


Division of Waste Management #850-245-8705 MS #4500
2600 Blair Stone Road, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2400

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