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In Section 403.71851, F.S., entitled "Lead-containing materials grants," the Florida legislature authorized the Department to utilize certain funds "for establishing an infrastructure to collect and transport lead-containing material to Florida-based recycling businesses." Lead-containing materials include "products such as televisions and computer monitors that utilize lead-containing cathode ray tubes." Section 403.71852,F.S., entitled "Collection of lead-containing products," encourages local governments "to establish collection and recycling programs for publicly and privately owned lead-containing products, including end-of-life televisions, computers, and other electronic products, through existing recycling and household hazardous-waste-management programs."

In response to these statutory directions, the Department has awarded time-limited grants to counties with household hazardous waste programs that satisfy certain criteria and that submitted acceptable proposals. The intent is for these funds to seed the development of sustainable and on-going electronics collection and recycling programs at the countylevel. Grant programs and allowable expenditure categories must meet certain minimum criteria.

The Department has awarded more than $1,900,000 in grants to 23 counties for programs serving 25 counties. An additional $200,000 has been awarded to a private electronics recycler to provide a comprehensive countywide recycling demonstration project. This project is centered on Orange County and will provide electronics recycling services to nearby counties to complement or expand existing programs or to initiate new electronics recycling program as logistics and program economics allow. The total amount of Department funding for electronics recycling programs is more than $2.1 million since 1998.

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