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The Direct Exposure, Institutional Control/Engineering Control and Leachability Workgroup of the Contaminated Media Forum meets monthly via teleconference/webinar or in person to discuss exposure and leachability concerns for contaminants in soil and the need for institutional and engineering controls under different circumstances at contaminated sites being cleaned up pursuant to Chapter 62-780, F.A.C.

Meeting Notes

Topics for Discussion at the 02-13-14 teleconference:

Delineation issues/requirements:

  • Clarify requirements for delineation on leachability exceedances when no GW impacts have been detected.
  • Can we eliminate “requirement” to delineate to residential DE SCTLs when either the RP is willing to restrict future residential use, or an EC will be maintained over impacted areas?
  • Evaluate delineation requirements in the context of a conceptual site model?
  • Clarify off-site delineation obligations (particularly for soil) for sites where the current owner of the original “source” property did not cause or contribute to off-site soil impacts. (understand GW is a different situation.)
  • Clarify soil intervals for evaluation of delineation. 0-2’ or 0-6” and 6”-2’; what are “requirements” from 2’ to the water table?

Last updated: November 04, 2016

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