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DEP's Contaminated Soils Forum was originally established in 1998 to provide an open forum for external and internal interested parties. In response to numerous requests, the forum has been re-established and renamed Contaminated Media Forum to provide that open forum and to come to consensus on how to apply the lessons learned from Risk Based Corrective Action (RBCA) implementation over the last several years.

Contaminated Media Forum

The Contaminated Media Forum provides a shared venue for interested parties to discuss a variety of topics. Areas of discussion include evolving policy, scientific, and rule application issues associated with contaminated site cleanup and re-use, using risk-based management principles. Topics and presentations are intended to generate discussion and promote consideration of ideas and options, and do not represent policy or operational positions. The CMF discussions supplement the collaborative decision-making process and foster improved regulatory practices that provide responsible environmental protection while facilitating compliance and minimizing regulatory burden.

Next Contaminated Media Forum Meeting

When: TBD



July 12, 2016 Contaminated Media Forum Meeting

Chapter 62-780 April 4, 2016 Workshop Materials

Notes and Materials from the 01/20/16 Teleconferences:

Notes and Materials from the 11/03/15 Meeting:

Notes and Materials from the 07/22/15 Meeting:

Notes and Materials from the 10/16/14 Meeting:

Note: Due dates for most items extended to 12/12/14

Application of Direct Exposure Soil Cleanup Target Levels

The Department is posting this document for comment and discussion at the next Contaminated Media Forum Meeting:
Chapter 62-780, F.A.C., Supplemental Guidance for Application of Direct Exposure Soil Cleanup Target Levels for Subsurface Soils

Probabilistic Risk Assessment Subgroup

Notes and Materials from the 06/23/14 Meeting:

A follow up meeting will be scheduled for further discussion of PRA issues.

Original announcement and agenda

The recent changes to Chapter 62-780, F.A.C., to clarify the requirements for preparing Probabilistic Risk Assessments (PRAs) has led to the formation of a new subgroup of the Contaminated Media Forum to discuss issues regarding parameters and input assumptions for PRAs. Specific topics to be addressed are:

  • Testing the reliability of back-calculated outputs (run forward calculations to see if results match)
  • PRAs based upon both variability and uncertainty distributions and 2D-PRA approaches
  • Distributions (uniform, triangular, etc.) based on professional judgment due to lack of available data
  • Distributions for toxicity values and toxic equivalency factors
  • Exposure start age, and focus on protection of children for other exposure factors
  • Adjusting the soil ingestion distribution
  • Relative Bioavailability (literature-based variability distributions versus site-specific bioavailability studies)


Presentations from the February 27, 2014 Meeting

Recent Meetings

Historical Contaminated Soils Forum Meetings

Historical Methodology Focus Group Meetings

Last updated: November 04, 2016

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