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The states and some counties voluntarily provided information on their waste pesticide collection and disposal programs, i.e., Clean Sweep programs, to the Office of Pesticide Programs in the U.S.Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This allowed EPA to compile a nationwide summary of Clean Sweep programs. The Office of Pesticide Programs thanks the states and counties for providing this information and, more importantly, for the hard work and accomplishments of their Clean Sweep programs. The point of this report is really to acknowledge and publicize the great work they have done. The report includes information that EPA received as of October 23,2001,and includes pesticide collection totals through 2000.

Florida's Operation Cleansweep is mentioned throughout the various sections (see page 6 "State Index" for a list of pages on which Florida is discussed). See pages 98-101 for "Florida At a Glance" for a summary of Florida's program.



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