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ADaPT (Automated Data Processing Tool) is a Microsoft Access application used by the Division of Waste Management (DWM) to evaluate analytical chemistry data from water, soil, and air samples. It checks for the completeness of data using method specific Quality Control (QC) elements specified in the DWM library, and then further evaluates the data. For example, ADaPT evaluates all QC data reporting, all QC that falls outside specific QC limits, and compares all lab quality control accuracy and precision information reported in the Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD) against the criteria established in the DWM library. Further, it evaluates holding times and looks for contamination in the samples collected for field equipment blanks. If QC problems (outliers) exist, and the laboratory has not assigned or has incorrectly assigned the appropriate qualifiers, then ADaPT will add the necessary qualifiers to the associated sample results.

The ADaPT software requires Microsoft Office Access version 2007 or 2010 (32-bit only). The newest version of the ADaPT software (version 8.0.03) does NOT have an Install Shield installation. Installation is accomplished by replacing the existing ADaPT 6.4 ADaPTModule.mdb file. Please refer to the ADaPT 8.0 Update Instructions for details.

In order to install ADaPT 8.0.03, you must first have ADaPT 6.4 installed on your computer. If you do not have ADaPT 6.4 installed, please refer to our ADaPT 6.4 Installation Instructions. For a complete list of modifications and enhancements to each version of ADaPT, refer to our ADaPT-Version History document.

The following are links to files and resources applicable to all program areas within the DWM.


ADaPT Error Check Guidance

Division of Waste Management Master Library (last updated 08/19/2014) The library contains DWM appropriate analytical methods for matrices and analytes, method required QC elements, and method specific QC element control limits. Please review our DWM Library Additions document for details on the procedure for adding appropriate methods and analytes to the library. Refer to the DWM Library History for a complete list of library modifications and additions.

Division of Waste Management Valid Values (last updated 08/19/2014) Valid values are used to validate data and identify methods, matrices, unique Client Analyte IDs, analyte names and QC elements specified in the DWM library, and also contains all DWM Project Numbers (site/facility IDs) and Project Names (site/facility names), and all Florida Department of Health NELAC certified laboratories and sample preparation methods. To update the valid values, right click the link and save to local drive.

Project Number (Site ID/Facility ID) Lookup by Program Area This tool can help you locate the correct ID number for your Waste Cleanup or Petroleum Cleanup site.

Subscribe to the ADaPT-L Listserv to automatically receive notifications on updates to ADaPT and the DWM Library. All ADaPT users should sign up for this list serve to stay up-to-date on any issues and changes. Notifications will direct you to the ADaPT homepage so you can download new versions of ADaPT and/or changes to the DWM Library.

ADaPT Training Opportunities are available from LDC (Laboratory Data Consultants).
This link is provided for informational purposes only. No mandatory third party ADaPT training is required to use ADaPT, but some may find it helpful.

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The DWM is comprised of three program areas: Permitting and Compliance Assistance, Waste Cleanup, and Petroleum Restoration. Although there are many components of ADaPT that are applicable to the entire DWM, each program has its own requirements for submittal of ADaPT deliverables. Specific requirements and user guides for each program are provided below.

For general assistance with ADaPT software installation or troubleshooting, please contact Clark Moore at  Clark.B.Moore@dep.state.fl.us or 850-245-8739.

Petroleum Restoration Program
User Guide

Tamara Blyden, Quality Assurance Coordinator

Permitting and Compliance Assistance Program
Click the link above for ADaPT tools and information specific to Solid and Hazardous Waste, including the user guide testsite inventory, and training video.

Clark Moore, Solid and Hazardous Waste

Bryan Baker, Hazardous Waste Regulation Section

Waste Cleanup Program
User Guide

Teresa Booeshaghi, Administrative Coordinator

Last updated: November 24, 2014


Division of Waste Management #850-245-8705 MS #4500
2600 Blair Stone Road, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2400

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