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Florida Springs Quick Links
Alexander Spring

Florida’s springs provide immeasurable natural, recreational and economical benefits for residents and visitors. Geologists estimate that there are more than 900 springs in Florida, possibly the largest concentration of freshwater springs on Earth. The state of Florida has made it a priority to protect Florida's springs. In 2013 Governor Rick Scott announced a $10 million investment in springs restoration. Additional funds from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and local partners brought the total for springs restoration projects to $37 million. In 2014, Governor Scott allocated $55 million more for springs protection. It is important that Floridians be aware of their impact on springs and what they can do to help preserve these natural wonders. ...more

Fanning Springs State Park Highlights

Located on the Suwannee River, this inviting source of cool, clear water has attracted people for thousands of years. Fanning Springs produces an average of 65 million gallons of water daily, making it one of Florida´s 33 first magnitude springs. Swimming or snorkeling in the spring is a refreshing activity on a hot day; fishing is also a popular recreation. Visitors can enter the park by boat from the Suwannee River as well as by car. Many visitors enjoy the picnic area, playground, and the park's large open areas for Frisbee, football, soccer and also for several local events. A nature trail and boardwalk overlook the spring and river...more

swimmers at fanning springs

Under the Park Service’s leadership, Wakulla Springs has become one of our most popular North Florida attractions, inviting thousands of visitors and residents alike to one of the largest and deepest springs in the world.

Last updated: April 11, 2014

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