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Southwest District Environmental Resource Permitting
Notice of Projects with Heightened Public Concern

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The Department announces receipt of an application for permit from Sabal Trail Transmission, LLC, File No. 328333-001, to construct and operate a natural gas pipeline known as the Sabal Trail Pipeline. The portion of the project located in Florida consists of pipeline facilities, three (3) compressor stations, temporary access roads, five (5) Metering and Regulating stations, and other aboveground facilities including pipe yards, contractor ware yards, and temporary construction right-of-way. The Mainline Route includes 224 miles of new 36-inch diameter natural gas transmission pipeline, the Hunters Creek Line is approximately 13.4 miles of new 36-inch diameter natural gas pipeline, and the Citrus County Line is approximately 21.4 miles of new 24-inch diameter natural gas pipeline. The pipeline will traverse Hamilton, Madison, Suwanee, Gilchrist, Alachua, Levy, Marion, Citrus, Sumter, Lake, Polk, Osceola and Orange County, terminating at the new Central Florida Hub that will interconnect with the two existing natural gas transmission pipelines currently serving central and southern Florida, as well as a new, to be constructed project, the Florida Southeast Connection Pipeline. The application can be viewed at: http://webapps.dep.state.fl.us/DepNexus/public/electronic-documents/ERP_328333/facility!search

The Department announces receipt of an application for permit from Minto-Hayden Lane Marina, LLC, File No. 14-0194824-010, to modify Environmental Resource Permit numbers 41-0194824-001 through -008 to construct a marina consisting of the installation of a docking structure, the construction of a high and dry boat storage building, the relocation of channel markers, the installation of 60 linear feet of Toe Scour rock, maintenance dredging of an entrance channel and the existing basin, new dredging of an area to the north of the entrance channel, dredging of a boat basin from uplands, the installation of 714 linear feet of breakwaters, and the installation of 1,310 linear feet of seawall.  The proposed marina will have 55 permanent wet slips, 30 temporary wet slips, and 128 dry slips.  The proposed docking structure will comprise of approximately 20,627 square feet of floating docks, which includes a staging area dock, a fueling dock, a southern, middle and northern access dock, ramps, two launch platforms at the end of the ramps, and 15 finger piers.  The proposed project will be located at 12300 Manatee Avenue West, Bradenton, Section 27, Township 34 South, Range 16 East, in Manatee County.  The application can be view at: http://depedms.dep.state.fl.us:80/Oculus/servlet/shell?command=getEntity&[guid=23.225966.1]&[profile=Permitting_Authorization]. For additional information, please contact SW_ERP@dep.state.fl.us.


The Department announces receipt of an application for permit from the Apollo Beach Waterway Improvement Group (ABWIG), File No. 29-0264577-009, to hydraulically dredge approximately 11,000 cubic yards of sediment from three channels within Tampa Bay to a depth of seven feet below mean low water.  Sediments will be transported from the dredge area(s) via a temporary pipeline to a proposed spoil containment area that will hold the dredged material, until use by the Apollo Beach Nature Park, as part of the shoreline restoration authorized under ERP 29-0175559-002.  The spoil containment area is located at 6760 Surfside Boulevard, Apollo Beach, Section 17, Township 31 South, Range 19 East, in Hillsborough County.  The application can be viewed at: http://depedms.dep.state.fl.us:80/Oculus/servlet/shell?command=hitlist&[freeText=]&[folderName=]&[profile=Permitting_Authorization]&[creator=]&[entityType=any]&[createdDateTo=]&[catalog=23]&[searchBy=profile]&[sortBy=Document+Date]&[createdDate=]&{District=_EQ_SWD}&{County=_EQ_HILLSBOROUGH}&{Facility-Site+ID=_EQ_ERP_264577}&{Application+Number=_EQ_0264577009}

.  For additional information, please contact SW_ERP@dep.state.fl.us.


Last updated: March 30, 2015

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