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The Raytheon site is located at 1501 72nd Street North, St. Petersburg, Pinellas County. In July 1976, E-Systems, Inc. purchased the property and in 1995 E-Systems was purchased by Raytheon. The primary activity at the facility since October 1957 has been the manufacture of electronics and communication hardware. Site activities have included electronics assembly, soldering, vapor degreasing, painting, electroplating, metal finishing, photo-imaging, machining and laboratory functions.

The property is approximately 32 acres and the facility is comprised of three main buildings. Building M, approximately 180,000 square feet (s.f.), lies in the approximate center of the property. Building E, approximately 115,000 s.f., is located adjacent and south of Building M. Building A, approximately 33,000 s.f., is located adjacent and west of Building M. Paved parking surrounds the building complex to the north, west, and south. The entire property is surrounded by a chain link fence to control site access. The Raytheon facility is now used mainly as an equipment storage warehouse although some manufacturing still occurs. Research and development as well as testing laboratories still exist at the facility.

The contamination at the Raytheon site was first identified in November 1991 , as a result of the Rails to Trails Level II Environmental Assessment. The source areas have been identified as a former empty drum storage area and an equalization tank which received wastewater from various manufacturing processes. Releases of solvents from the drum storage area and equalization tank resulted in soil and groundwater contamination with volatile organic compounds, predominantly trichloroethene, and 1,4-dioxane.

Within months of E-Systems notifying DEP that soil and groundwater pollution existed at the site, the company identified the areas of impacted soil and began removing more than 100 tons of the contaminated soil in 1992 and 1994. E-Systems began groundwater monitoring after the soil removal and started formulating a plan for further cleanup.

DEP required semi-annual groundwater monitoring to allow any change in the contaminated area to be identified. The initial area of groundwater contamination identified in 1998 was stable for an extended amount of time. In 2005, the groundwater monitoring data confirmed that the polluted groundwater was beginning to move away from the site. From 2005 until 2008, DEP required Raytheon to install a series of additional monitoring wells to reassess where the polluted groundwater was traveling and to revise the mapping of the contaminated area.

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