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For questions regarding the Southeast District's Solid Waste section, please contact Karen Kantor, who can be contacted by phone at (561) 681-6670 or via e-mail.


Recycling Center


This section is responsible for implementing the Solid Waste Management Section, which regulates the management of solid waste.

Chapter 62-701, Florida Administrative Code, defines solid waste as virtually any discarded material with exception of some domestic sewage sludge, crude oil and natural gas byproducts, radioactive wastes and some wastes regulated by the Clean Air Act and/or the Clean Water Act.

Types of solid waste facilities regulated under the program include:

  • landfills

  • materials recycling facilities

  • composting facilities

  • yard trash processing facilities

  • hurricane debris staging areas

  • solid waste transfer facilities





Important Solid Waste Regulation Rules


The Southeast District (SED) has a Standard Operating Agreement (SOA) with Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties to assist the FDEP with regulating solid waste facilities in those counties.  Under the SOA, the Solid Waste Program is implemented by those counties for most non-governmental solid waste management facilities.

For solid waste issues in Palm Beach County, contact the Palm Beach County Health Department at (561) 837-5900.


For solid waste issues in Broward County, contact the Broward County Environmental Protection Department at (954) 519-1460.


For solid waste issues in Miami-Dade County, contact the Miami-Dade Department of Environmental  Resources Management at (305) 372-6800.


The FDEP's solid waste Web site:


Last updated: August 11, 2016
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