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Between 1906 and 1940, approximately 3,200 cattle dip vats (CDV) were constructed in rural areas of Florida.  Although no longer in operation, many of these facilities, and the pesticides associated with them still exist.



General Information on Florida's Cattle Dip Vats

Many CDVs are in remote areas of the State and are difficult to locate because of development, change in property boundaries and changes in county border lines.  Some CDVs were dismantled to prevent falling hazards, and to prevent children from swimming in them.  Also, due to age, these structures have collapsed, or new property owners are hesitant to identify themselves as having a CDV on their property.

Today, construction activities could result in direct contact with contaminated soils and vegetation.  While FDEP cannot compel the cleanup of CDVs on private property, FDEP can work to prevent any action that would cause a release of contamination into the groundwater, surface or air.

If you locate a CDV within the six counties of the FDEP Southeast District please contact Bridget Armstrong, Waste Cleanup Section, at (561) 681-6679 or via e-mail at William.Rueckert@dep.state.fl.us.  If possible, please provide the specific location of the CDV, along with latitude and longitude points, the name of the property owner, photographs, information regarding future land use and descriptions of the surrounding land.


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