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The Environmental Resources Program (ERP) addresses dredging, filling, and construction in wetlands and other surface water, as well as stormwater and surface water management systems in uplands.  The program is designed to ensure that activities in uplands, wetlands and other surface waters do not degrade water quality or degrade habitat for aquatic or wetland dependent wildlife. The five (5) water management district offices and six (6) FDEP districts share responsibility of implementing the ERP program.

The Environmental Resource Program's (ERP) Compliance/Enforcement Section handles a wide variety of regulatory and proprietary environmental issues in the Southeast District (SED).  Our main focus is ensuring compliance with Environmental Resource Permits, which include authorizations for wetland fills, mangrove trims, dock/seawall construction, stormwater management systems, and other environmental resource related activities.  Our other responsibilities include fielding complaints from the general public, state lands lease inspections and Everglades hunt camp inspections.


Please refer to the below listed information to address all of your environmental concerns.

If you are observing the following activities and think they may be unauthorized, contact Jason Andreotta at (561) 681-6639 if the violation is occurring in Palm Beach, Broward or Miami-Dade counties, or Mary Zavash in our Fort Pierce branch office at (772) 467-5566 if the violation is occurring in Martin, St. Lucie or Okeechobee counties:

  • new dock construction or reconfiguration

  • new seawall construction

  • single family wetland fills

  • private/commercial marina or mutli-family dock reconfigurations

  • any dredging/filling of surface waters

  • mangrove alterations

  • stormwater system construction

Contact the  South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) at (561) 686-8800 if your request does not fit into any of the above listed activities.

While the FDEP SED office can field complaints from Broward and Dade counties, these counties have been delegated the authority to implement the Environmental Resource Program and can take complaints also.  For complaints in Broward, call Broward Environmental Protection Department at (954) 519-1499 and in Dade, call Dade Environmental Resource Management at (305) 372-6955.  For non-wetland related environmental complaints in Palm Beach County, call Palm Beach County Environmental Resource Management at (561) 233-2473.

For violations occurring on the beach (i.e. east of dunes), contact Mark Taynton with our Beaches and Coastal Compliance Program. 


Fort Pierce Office Environmental Resources Program Contacts


Helpful Hotlines and Telephone Numbers

  • For hazardous spills, contact the State Warning Point at (800) 320-0519. 

  • To report fish kills, call the Fish Kill Hotline at (800) 636-0511. 

  • For the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, contact (850) 922-4330. 

  • For the Army Corps. of Engineers Palm Beach Gardens office, call (561) 472-3504.


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