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Everglades Bingo

Florida�s Everglades are the aquatic backbone of south Florida.  Dubbed the River of Grass for the sawgrass that flourished throughout the marsh, the Everglades is a mosaic of freshwater ponds, prairies and forested uplands that supports a rich plant and wildlife community.  Everglades Bingo was designed to test your knowledge of the plants, animals, and history of the Everglades.  To get started download the items below.


Everglades Bingo Instructions (pdf)

Everglades Bingo Cards (ppt)* or Everglades Bingo Cards (pdf)

Everglades Bingo Clues (pdf)

 *The Power Point version of the Everglades Bingo Cards has a higher resolution and will display better on your computer screen, and you have the option to save the file to your hard drive; however, both versions print well.

Example of Everglades Bingo Card

Everglades Bingo Card

Last updated: March 07, 2016
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