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Permit Applications

To aid in the application process, the Environmental Resource Permit (ERP) Program has developed various permitting application checklists and fact sheets to suit your individual needs.



The following link interprets and provides guidance on the statutory language, providing oversight of local governments which have been delegated to implement the mangrove program, and reviewing applications from persons who wish to be designated as professional mangrove trimmers.


Sovereign Submerged Lands Authorization

Authorization is required for any construction on or use of submerged lands owned by the state of Florida.


Wetlands Mitigation

Wetland impacts must first be avoided and minimized to the maximum extent practical.  However, if there are remaining permittable impacts, mitigation provides the option of offsetting wetland impacts by restoring, enhancing or preserving comparable habitats in an area impacted by development.


Geographical Information Systems and Technical Data

The Southeast District's (SED) Submerged Lands and ERP program actively utilize both GIS and other technical data sources for various aspects relating to environmental resource permitting.




Southeast District Main Switchboard

(561) 681-6600

Map and Directions to the Southeast District Office



Last updated: October 10, 2014
  Southeast District ~ 3301 Gun Club Road, MSC 7210-1, West Palm Beach, Florida 33406   (561) 681-6600 (phone) / (561) 681-6755 (fax)
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