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The Southeast District Environmental Resources Program (ERP) is managed by Diane Pupa, Program Administrator. Diane can be contacted by phone at (561) 681-6782 or via e-mail.


The ERP Program addresses dredging, filling, and construction in wetlands and other surface water, as well as stormwater and surface water management systems in uplands.  The program is designed to ensure that activities in uplands, wetlands and other surface waters do not degrade either water quality or habitat for aquatic or wetland-dependent wildlife. The five (5) water management district offices and six (6) FDEP Districts share responsibility for implementing the ERP program.


Sections Within the ERP Program



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Other Exempt Projects




Several workshops have been held on behalf of local towns and municipalities within the counties on the rules and statutes that govern our respective programs. A primary goal of the workshops are to educate these entities about our exemption rules and statutes and DEP's self-certification process in effort to reduce the amount of exemption applications the Department receives, and to help further streamline the permitting process.

  • Workshop Presentations: Please click the following links for copies of the presentations from the ERP Workshops.

    FDEP's Delegations, Operating Agreements, & Other DEP Permits

Changes in Applications for Wetlands Delineation

Coordination with National Marine Fisheries Service

FDEP's Paperless and Streamlining Initiative

Living with Mangroves

Statewide ERP

State Lands Process Improvements

State Lands Lease Process for Existing Structures

Right of Way Program

Intracoastal Waterway Setback Policy

Sea Turtles and Lights

Compliance Assistance

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Mangroves and Wetlands for Realtors 2014


Environmental Resources Program Records


  • If you need to make a public records request, please submit your request electronically using our webform, via e-mail or by fax at (561) 681-6755.






Last updated: June 17, 2016

  Southeast District ~ 3301 Gun Club Road, MSC 7210-1, West Palm Beach, Florida 33406   (561) 681-6600 (phone) / (561) 681-6755 (fax)
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