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The Southeast District Compliance Assistance Program is managed by Jason Andreotta, Assistant Director.  Jason can be contacted by phone at (561) 681-6639 or via e-mail.

The Air Resource Management Program is an integral part of the Compliance Assurance Program, and specifically is responsible for protecting, conserving and restoring the air resources for those counties located in the Southeast District. Our District, as well as the rest of Florida, is currently meeting all federal and state standards for air quality. 

This Program accomplishes its mission by implementing the federal Clean Air Act and enforcing Florida statutes and rules.  We also monitor the District's air quality, administer Florida's air pollution control programs, promote Pollution Prevention and coordinate our work with the efforts of other local, state and federal programs.  For your convenience you can view a list of delegated air programs or, for further assistance, contact our Southeast District Air Resource Management Program directly.


Air Program Records

  • If you need to make a public records request, please submit your request electronically using our webform, via e-mail or by fax at (561) 681-6755.






Last updated: June 17, 2016

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