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Protecting Florida's water is critical to the environment, the economy, the public health, and the future.  DEP's Domestic Waste and Industrial Waste Programs ensure that wastewater is properly treated, reused, or disposed. 

The DEP South District's Wastewater Section diligently works with all stakeholders, including the citizens, wastewater utilities, industry, the U.S. EPA, DEP Headquarters, and local governments to ensure proper treatment, reuse and disposal of wastewater.

Reuse is a critical key to sustainability in Florida.  Reuse involves directing highly treated wastewater effluent toward beneficial non-potable uses.  The South District has been encouraging and promoting reuse for years.  Based upon DEP's September 2010 Reuse Inventory, the South District leads the state with a 90% Flow Ratio.  Flow Ratio is defined as Reuse Flow divided by Total Wastewater Treatment Plant Flow.

For more detail, please view DEP's Wastewater Web Site.



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