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Village of Islamorada Central Sewer System Contacts

The Village of Islamorada Central Sewer System will serve Village of Islamorada residents and businesses on Lower Matecumbe, Upper Matecumbe, Windley Key, and Plantation Key. The collection system is owned by the Village of Islamorada with the design, construction, and operation managed by Layne Christensen, known locally as Reynolds Water Islamorada. The collection system is a combination of vacuum and low pressure with sewage conveyed to the Key Largo Wastewater Treatment Facility ("Facility"). The Facility is located in Key Largo. The Facility is currently permitted to treat 2.3 million gallons of wastewater daily with disposal of treated effluent to a single Class I deep injection well and two backup Class V shallow injection wells. The collection system is currently under construction and the Key Largo Facility will be expanded to accommodate the additional flow from the Village of Islamorada. For more details on the Village of Islamorada Central Sewer System, please visit  http://www.reynoldswaterislamorada.com/. For additional information on the Facility, please visit the Key Largo Wastewater Treatment District website.

Public Records for Village of Islamorada Central Sewer System and Facility

Public Records including applications and permits for all portions of these projects are available in the Department's records management database, OCULUS. If you are unfamiliar with searching for records in OCULUS, please contact Devon Villareal or Gary Hardie in the Marathon Branch Office at 305-289-7070.  Below are links to commonly requested document subjects associated with these projects.

All collection/transmission system documents for the Village of Islamorada Central Sewer System may be searched for under Department permit number 281237. Please note that the Village of Islamorada and Key Largo Central Sewer Systems share the same permit number. Documents for both projects will appear in this search.

All Facility documents for the Key Largo Wastewater Treatment Plant may be searched for under Department permit number FLA370967.

To search for records regarding the Deep Well at the Key Largo Facility, please use Department permit number 272762.

To learn more about connection and abandonment for current FDEP Permittees and non-residential, multi-building properties, please view or download the files below:





For questions relating to collection/transmission system or Facility permitting, please contact:


Maria Beltran

Operations Analyst II

(239) 344-5624


Gary Maier

Program Administrator

(239) 344-5664


For questions regarding connection and abandonment of existing FDEP permitted Facilities:


Gary Hardie

Environmental Specialist III

(305) 289-7074


Gus Rios

Program Administrator

(305) 289-7081






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