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Cape Coral North Spreader Ecosystem Management Agreement Process


(formerly Ceitus Dam and Boat Lift Ecosystem Management Agreement)

As required by a Consent Order, the South District of the FL Department of Environmental Protection and the City of Cape Coral have formed a Stakeholder Group to seek agreement on a set of projects that provide a net ecosystem benefit, NEB, that is better than just replacing the Ceitus barrier and boatlift.


This web site contains information on the NS-EMA process.  The files are in Adobe PDF format so you will need Adobe reader software (free) to view them.  Also the files will open a new window, so you may need to adjust your popup blocker.  Documents and Data for the Technical Team is available here.


Background on the EMA Process

EMA Process       Spreader Canal Draft    M-W NPDES Permit 1994       EPA 1995 Sampling Sites 

Stakeholder Group

          Stakeholder Group


Consent Orders and Amendments

Original Consent Order Consent Order Amendment 2007 Consent Order Amendment March 2008
    Current Amendment Alligator Bay Team Permit Manchester Waterway Permit - Part II


07/08/08 Meeting

Meeting Notes

08/07/08 Meeting



Meeting Notes 1993 Spreader Repair Drawings
Breaches PowerPoint Projected Flows - Chamberlain

Cape Coral Projects PowerPoint

North Spreader Basins

09/12/08 Meeting








Meeting Notes
Aerial Photo Archive Mangrove Enforcement PowerPoint (.pdf) 
Babcock-Webb Watershed Mangrove PowerPoint (.pdf) - Mangrove .ppt Notes
Biscayne Bay Costal Wetland Project (FWS) Save the Manatee Club Points
Cecil Webb Water management - Map - Map2 Seagrasses - J. Ott
Estuary Overview - J. Beever Seagrass Migration PowerPoint (.pdf)
Gator Slough Watershed PowerPoint (.pdf) Snook - A. Adams 
Grey sponges/tunicates - F. Walton Spreader Presentation - C. Jarvis

Lee County Watershed

USGS Flow Data for Weirs along Burnt Store

10/29/08 Meeting

Meeting Report

01/29/09 Meeting

Meeting Report

02/26/09 Meeting Meeting Agenda

Benefits and Methods

Model  Flows and Fluxes


Petitioner's Position

05/26/09 Meeting

Meeting Report

Spreader Canal Draft

06/29/09 Meeting



Meeting Report Living Shorelines 101 PowerPoint
Charlotte Harbor Flatwoods Shoreline Protection Alternatives

Excessively Dredged Areas

Stakeholder Group Meeting Report

08/19/09 Meeting

Meeting Report

Meeting Excerpts

10/09/09 Meeting

Meeting Report

Honc Marine Bid



Cape Coral Considerations

Response to Rae Ann

Spreader Canal Draft


Letter to Mark Lupe  





Meeting Report Figures C-2 and C-3
Appendix C-3-7 Final Proposed Text Section 4
Fertilizer Ordinance Support Doc Feb23


Final Proposed Text Section 4-Strikethrough Version


Letter to Kirk White

Letter to Mark Lupe


Spreader Canal Final 



Department Request for Additional Information

Permit Application 


Canal Wier Elevations


Ceitus RAI Cover Letter

Ceitus RAI

05/11/11 Application Denial  
05/31/11 Department of the Army Permit Application Denial
10/26/11 Letter from John Turner, Chief Asst. County Atty. of Lee County
10/28/11 Response Letter to John Turner


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Florida Department of Environmental Protection

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Lee County

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Audabon of SW Florida

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Riverwatch (Cape Water Action)

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Responsible Growth Mgt Coalition

Philip Buchanan

Greater Pine Island Community Association, Individual

Brian Cotterill

Calusa Land Trust and Nature Preserve of Pine Island

Greg Rawl

PURRE Water Coalition

Noel Andress

SWF Watershed Council, Individual

Rae Ann Wessel

Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation

Bill Byle

Charlotte County Growth Management

Steven Sentes

S Florida Water Management District

Lisa Beever

Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program

David Hutchinson

SW Florida Regional Planning Council

Kim Dryden

US Fish and Wildlife Service

Rick Williams

NW Neighborhood Association

David Scott

Cape Coral Citizen




Technical Team Documents

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