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Cowbone Marsh

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This web site contains information on the Cowbone Marsh project.  The files are in Adobe PDF format so you will need Adobe reader software (free) to view them.  Also the files will open a new window, so you may need to adjust your popup blocker.


Documents on the Cowbone Marsh project

1999 Fisheating Creek Settlement      Pre-App InterAgency Meeting Summary 10-22-08

Corp Cease Desist 7-15-10                 Emergency Order OGC No. 10-1974         

Cowbone Marsh Topography              Flowblock Plans            Flowblock Photos

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrative Compliance Order       

US EPA Referral From US Corp            Cowbone Marsh Weir Monitoring Sheet    

403.813 (1) (r) Florida Statutes          EPA letter to FWC  

Issued Permit Modification                  US Army Corps of Engineers Cowbone Marsh Permit

Notice of Hearing, SOC                       Petition for Hearing received 10-02-2012

Motion to Amend Petition for Administrative Hearing                       Motion for Stay Order 08-03-2015

DEP's Motion in Limine and Motion to Relinquish Jurisdiction with Exhibits 12-22-2015

Public records for this project are available in the Department's records management database, OCULUS.  Click here to access. 

Permit modification request has been received as of 12/16/2014.

FWC Documents provided by BMO Law

Scouting Report - February 2010        Feasibility of a Navigable Route through Cowbone Marsh      

FEC Navigational Trail Issues - July 2008         Cowbone Marsh Discussion - June 23, 2009             

Task Assignment for Cookie Cutter Dredging

FWC Response to EPA Administrative Compliance Order



       1929 Survey Fisheating Creek 1   1929 Survey Fisheating Creek 1a (smaller file for faster download)

       1929 Survey Fisheating Creek 2   1929 Survey Fisheating Creek 2a (smaller file for faster download)

       Cowbone Marsh - cut location    Cowbone LiDAR    Check Dams  

       FC - Cowbone Water Quality Sites    Cowbone Water Quality Sites    Cowbone Access Poins Wide View I

       Cowbone Access Points Wide View II    Cowbone - Southern Access    Cowbone - Northern Access

       Cowbone - Northern Cut



Cowbone Marsh Cut Photos - June 2010          Photos - October 2011  

Water Quality Data - Cowbone Marsh

WQ - Time Series - DO WQ - Time Series - TEMP
WQ - Time Series - Turbidity WQ - Time Series - TKN
WQ - Time Series - Ammonia WQ - Time Series - NO 23
WQ - Time Series - TN WQ - Time Series - TP


Water Quality Data - Fisheating Creek

Stream Stage Height WQ - TP
WQ - Turbidity WQ - DO
WQ - Chl a WQ - NOx
WQ - TKN WQ - Ammonia
WQ - POR - Turbidity WQ - POR - TKN


Restoration Plan and Documents

Draft Cowbone Marsh Restoration Plan 11-15-2011      Exhibit A - Cost Estimate

Exhibit B - Cowbone Cut Soils Access Routes     Exhibit C - Cowbone Cut Soils - Northern Access     Exhibit D - Cowbone Cut Soils - Southern Access

Exhibit E - Cowbone Cut Cross Sections           Exhibit F - Cowbone Marsh Geo Tech

Cowbone Marsh Restoration Plan 1-4-12         Exhibit G - Photos

Exhibit H                          Exhibit I - Cowbone Draft Schedule 11-29-11

Exhibit J - Cowbone Schedule 12-2-11


Application Received 06-04-2012

Attachment A FDEP Drawings:

Attachment A-1 FDEP Drawings     Attachment A-2 FDEP Drawings     Attachment A-3 FDEP Drawings

Attachment A-4 FDEP Drawings     Attachment A-5 FDEP Drawings     Attachment A-6 FDEP Drawings

Attachment B - Project Manual Cowbone Marsh    

Attachment C - Cowbone Marsh Schedule

Attachment D - CBM Restoration Plan Potentially Affected Wildlife and Plants

Attachment E - Draft CBM Cut Backfill Plan to EPA

Cover Email               Modification Request






Jennifer Carpenter

Assistant District Director

(239) 344-5676


Jon Iglehart

District Director

(239) 344-5651




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