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Environmental Word Scramble Answers

1. Driving a fuel-alternative vehicle, powered by a combination of gas and electricity, helps to reduce air pollution. 

2. Discharges from a pulp and paper mill can add contaminants to the atmosphere. 

3. Conserving energy burns less fossil fuel and reduces air pollution. 

4. Turning off lights and turning off the television saves energy. 

5. Vegetable peels, leaves, eggshells and coffee grounds are examples of compost ingredients.

6. Pine straw or tree bark chips are used as mulch to keep plants moist and weed free. 

7. Visitors to a Florida beach enjoy playing in the white sand and the ocean. 

8. The Florida Keys includes a total of 822 islands. 

9. Formed underground, aquifers provide valuable drinking water. 

10. Bedrock is a solid rock layer underlying the earth?s loose surface materials. 

11. The panther and the manatee are two of Florida?s endangered species  . 

12. Single-celled animals are at the bottom of  the food  chain. 

13. To offer protection for Florida?s endangered species, it is important to understand the ecology of their habitats. 

14. The unique geology of Florida?s underground water systems creates springs that bubble to the surface, forming natural pools. 

15. An estuary, where a river meets the sea, has brackish water . 

16. Ground water is found underground and requires less treatment to become drinkable than water from lakes, rivers and streams. 

17. An estuary contains a fluctuating freshwater and saltwater balance perfect for habitats critical to the food chain. 

18. Lake Okeechobee is Florida?s largest lake and America?s second largest inland lake

19. Florida?s tropical climate features hot, humid summers and warm winters. 

20. During drought conditions, Florida?s residents are required to conserve water through water rationing. 

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