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LIFE Template, Tools and Forms for LIFE Coordinators Quick Links




LIFE Site Development Checklist  A Checklist for development of new LIFE site. Provides a listing of resources, forms and steps needed to begin process.
LIFE Funding Opportunities A list of possible sources of funding for new or existing LIFE sites. Includes some sources of funding that have already supported LIFE programs sites.
LIFE Partnership Agreement An example of a standard LIFE Partnership Agreement. Partnership agreements clarify the shared interests of the primary partners and guide their good faith efforts to achieve the stated goals of the LIFE Program. PDF
LIFE Scope & Sequence Matrix A critical form for aligning the needs and priorities of the teachers with the unique resources of the host sites. This document serves as a one-page roadmap outlining the annual scope, sequence and focus of a LIFE site's field experiences, field labs, service learning activities, teacher professional development needs and connections to the classroom.
Universal LIFE Benchmarks & Vocabulary A listing of standards and benchmarks that are universally addressed by every LIFE lab. Includes common vocabulary used in the LIFE Program.
LIFE Lab Template A required form for developing individualized labs for a LIFE site. Though each lab is developed based on teacher?s identified needs listed in the Scope & Sequence form all LIFE labs follow a similar format to ensure consistency across LIFE Programs. PDF
LIFE Pre-Flight Checklist and Safety Guidelines A checklist for teachers and site coordinators of the key tasks and safety procedures to complete prior to and following after every LIFE field experience.
LIFE Site Management Roles and Sustainability Plan A document outlining the key management roles and responsibilities of a typical life site. It explains the build-operate-transfer (turnover) process used by the Office of Environmental Education and provides guidance for long-term sustainability of LIFE sites.
LIFE Site Key Contacts A form for identifying all key contacts for a LIFE site.
LIFE Pre-Post Test A template for the standard LIFE assessment tool (10 item pre/posttest) for measuring change in knowledge resulting from each field experience.
LIFE School Profile Index A planning tool to help identify the relative priority of one potential LIFE site over another (when a choice between schools is presented). The tool generates an index score from multiple criteria to help compare different schools? needs. Generally, schools with the greatest needs are given priority for participation.
Cultural Competency Self Assessment Tool A voluntary self-assessment for teachers and non-formal educators to help them examine, measure, track, and strengthen the extent to which they address culture in design, implementation and evaluation of their courses/programs.
LIFE Web Page Content Template A template for LIFE webpage content for the official DEP LIFE web pages. The template provides standard section headings and content suggestions.
DEP Model Photo Release Form A formal release form granting permission for use of photos and videos. This form is needed in order to post photos onto the LIFE website.
DEP Photographer Release Form A formal release form granting permission to use photos taken by a non-DEP staff photographer. This form is needed in order to post photos onto the LIFE website.
LIFE Data Report A form that helps capture LIFE site data of a field experience. Submit this form at the end of December & May. PDF






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LIFE Program

Last updated: August 25, 2014

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