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Florida's Outdoor Recreation Inventory Highlights

Florida’s Outdoor Recreation Inventory (FORI) provides details regarding the resources and facilities available at parks, recreation areas, open spaces and other outdoor recreation sites in Florida. Recreation planners and users can view the information provided in the inventory by the following methods.

  • Florida’s Outdoor Recreation Inventory Homepage

    Use this method to search the inventory, calculate resource and facility totals, export data, modify an existing site or provide information for a new recreation area.
  • Florida’s Outdoor Recreation Inventory Map

    Below is an interactive map of the park and recreation areas throughout Florida. Users can search by location (zip code, city and county), by providers (federal, state, county, municipal and private sector), or by resource and facility categories (trails, overnight accommodations, fishing facilities, hunting, boating, archeological and historic sites, and user-oriented activities).

The map and its attributes are updated continually. If you would like to submit a new site or modify an existing site please visit Florida's Outdoor Recreation Inventory.

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Last updated: October 26, 2015


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