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spacer Land and Recreation Grants

What is the Land and Water Conservation Fund Program?
LWCF is a competitive program which provides grants for acquisition or development of land for public outdoor recreation use.

How is LWCF Administered?
Florida�s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), administers the program on behalf of the U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service. The Program is governed according to Florida Statutes, Administrative Code and the LWCF Grants Manual.

Who May Apply for LWCF Funds?
All local governmental entities with the legal responsibility for the provision of outdoor recreational sites and facilities for the use and benefit of the public.

How Do I Apply?
Applicants must submit a completed LWCF grant application during an announced submission period. Applicants may submit only one application during the submission period. Applications must involve only one project site except for acquisition or development of sandy beach access.

What is the Maximum Grant Amount?
The maximum grant amount will be announced prior to the submission period.

What is the LWCF Matching Ratio?
The matching ratio is one applicant dollar to one federal dollar for all LWCF grant awards (50% / 50%).

What Can I Use to Match a LWCF Grant?
*Cash; *In-kind services; *Value of donated real property owned by applicant (must be pre-approved by DEP).

What may LWCF Funds be used for?

Must an applicant own the project site?
For development projects, the applicant must own the project site or lease it from a public agency by the closing date of the application submission period. Land owned or leased by the applicant must be dedicated in perpetuity as a public outdoor recreation area.

How are LWCF Grants Awarded?
Each application is reviewed to determine eligibility. Staff evaluates each eligible application according to the Florida Administrative Code and the LWCF Manual, and assigns a final score. Based on the scores, the Bureau prepares and submits a recommended priority list to the Secretary of the DEP for approval. State approved projects are then submitted to the U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service for final review and award.

If an applicant is awarded LWCF funds, what are the major requirements?

Project Agreement: DEP and the grantee will enter into an agreement setting forth conditions consistent with DEP policy, the Florida Administrative Code and the LWCF Manual.

Who Do I Call for More Information?
Department of Environmental Protection
Land and Recreation Grants
3900 Commonwealth Boulevard, MS #585
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-3000
Phone (850) 245-2501
Fax (850) 245-3038

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Last updated: July 01, 2015


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