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spacer Bureau of Operational Services
Bureau of Operational Services

Park Brochures

Individual park brochures are available for most parks. They are also available in Large Print and Audio versions. Visit http://www.floridastateparks.org/resources/parkbrochures.cfm to download state park brochures or http://www.floridastateparks.org/resources/trailbrochures.cfm to download state trail brochures.

Visitor Service Providers
Information on requests for Proposals/Plans for the Florida Park Service

The Bureau of Operational Services manages the resource-based outdoor recreation assessment functions for the state park system. This involves participation on unit management plan review committees and conducting field assessments of individual park recreation programs and facilities.

BOS conducts comprehensive promotional efforts to increase attendance at parks and expand state and local revenues by capitalizing on the world-wide interest in Ecotourism experiences.

BOS coordinates the Division's revenue sources management program to insure a sufficient flow of state park revenue from appropriate user fees and concession services. Additionally, BOS provides overall management of the Division's park concessions program. This program consists of 64 separate providers/operations covering a wide variety of services including merchandise sales, passenger ferry services, boat and land tours, food and beverage services, recreational equipment rentals, pier operations, campground operations, and recreational skills instruction.

BOS coordinates one of the largest and most successful volunteer programs for state parks in the nation. In the last fiscal year, 27,341 volunteers contributed 1,356,425 hours of service valued at more than $28 million the equivalent of 652 full time employees. The bureau provides policy direction, technical assistance and management assistance to parks regarding the use of their volunteers. Included in these hours are over 87,000 hours contributed by inmate labor and persons assigned to community service in lieu of serving time. The Bureau also provides technical assistance for the establishment and continuing operation of 84 park citizen support organizations who contribute more than $3 million in annual projects, and monitors their activities to insure compliance with laws regarding non-profit operations.

BOS provides a wide variety of support and specialized functions for the Division in the areas of personnel administration, training and environmental education, information technology and management consulting.

BOS coordinates and conducts statewide trainings and meetings for the Division. These include class and practical instruction for Division management, and resource management and education for field employees.

BOS provides liaison as the Division's Information Resource Manager on information technology. The bureau coordinates Wide Area Network operations for Division including installation and configuration of file servers, network stations and provides general IT support and training for all users and network managers in the Division.

BOS provides assistance on purchasing issues; forms development and procurement coordination; consults on records management; coordinates property custodian tasks; manages the Division's Crisis and Miscellaneous Incidents Report program; coordinates policy/procedure promulgation and visitor opinion surveys; and serves as the Division's liaison for the building insurance trust fund.

BOS provides information on state parks to the public through a telephone Information Line and printed collateral materials including brochures, booklets, and an up-to-date website. These efforts include the development, publication and distribution of park guides, event calendars and recreation and resource based collateral materials to the visiting public and at key market locations, including Florida's Welcome Stations and a host of statewide and international distribution partners.

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